Friday, August 17, 2012

Collage Friday - Our week in Pictures

Monday at Frog Creek: We met a new kitten and baby chicks and dreamt about which ones might come home with us this spring.  The girls baked dessert for us and even with a spill, they cleaned up and washed the dishes when they were done!  

Tuesday: Probably my favorite day of the week.  My home is filled with music and my wonderful friends come for dinner.  Unfortunately Kim got a flat tire and could not join us, which was a huge bummer since I took her left over corn from Monday night's dinner and turned it into a divine corn chowder that left my girls begging for it again for lunch the next day.  It is Tyler Florence's recipe with a few small tweaks (like pureeing the potato and onion bits and adding it back to the soup and using different spices). It can easily be modified for seafood chowder, or clam chowder, potato and broccoli....I envision this soup in a bread bowl in front of a fire in a few months.

Wednesday: Lilah woke up with the urge to work!  So despite being officially on "vacation", she began her vocabulary book, Red Hot Root Words by Prufrock Press and read a bit of an encyclopedia for fun!  Meanwhile big sister slept on the couch.  Storms woke them up at 6:00am.  Our afternoon consisted of a spontaneous art journaling session!  Friends came over to play and spend some time with their art journals.  I have been so inspired by Shakespeare lately that I created a page dedicated to his life and work.  

Grace was invited to play the piano at our church's celebration of The Feast of The Assumption.  It gave me chills.  Apparently it gave others chills as well.  Father acknowledged her gift to us all at the end of mass and she blushingly accepted applause from the congregation.  After mass many people came up to her inquiring about how long she has been playing and asking if she will be playing again.  The music director hinted that perhaps she will play at the Christmas Mass.  That will be amazing.

Thursday: More art journaling.  House cleaning.  Weekend away preparing.  Nail painting.  Dog food purchasing.  You know...the fun stuff.  I was asked to chaperone the teens who are participating in our church's youth mission while they sleepover in the Parish Center.  I took the 6-10pm shift.  4 hours basically to myself.  What to do.  What to do.  Book editing.  Movie watching.  Both?  Yes!

Friday: Today we will be visiting.  Swimming.  Driving.  Listening.  Packing.  Cleaning.  Beautifying.  Decluttering.  Preparing for a very exciting weekend!

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That was awesome Grace. A pleasure to listen to.

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