Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Czech Marionettes

Time Out New York Kids Magazine is a wonderful resource if you are ever planning a trip to New York City.  In it you will find all kinds of off beat, local events in Manhattan and the boroughs.  Through TOFK I discovered a lovely little show that was about to close, The White Doe, at the Bohemian National Theater on East 73rd Street.  It was performed by the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater in an intimate setting where the children were actually allowed to touch and handle the marionette puppets, some of which were close to 100 years old!

“It is a 17th century tale of a diabolical steward named Golo, who schemes to steal the wife of his lord, Count Sylkfrid, but is undone by the testimony of a ghost and by a white doe who reunites the couple on a hunting trip.”

This story fit in quite nicely to our study of Shakespeare.  It had the royal lineage, the tragic feel of love gone wrong, and was written in the same time period as the Shakespearean plays.  
It was beautiful and beautifully performed.  It was moving and memorable.  We loved it.

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