Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Donut Plant

As we were finishing up our tour of The Cloisters, Kim got a craving for some donuts.  She has a favorite place that she wanted to share with us.  This place was 15 miles away.  15 miles in city miles can take a lo-ng time, but thankfully traffic into downtown Manhattan was super light.  With her trusty GPS she zoomed from the west side to the lower east side like she grew up navigating the parkways and highways, the bridges and the tunnels.

The Donut Plant is sooooo worth the car ride, or train ride, or taxi ride or subway ride.... Grace indulged in a chocolate pudding donut, Lilah enjoyed vanilla bean, I savored my chocolate hazelnut and we brought Greg home a peanut butter and jelly, which turned out to be my favorite of all!
In a way I am glad that this donut shoppe is a train ride and a subway ride from my door to theirs.  I would be visiting way to often....

Kim shares her yummy adventure at Frog Creek!

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