Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar Bakery

Just a few weeks ago Lilah was stressed that she could not come up with her very own recipe from her imagination.  Part of the reason why I believe in project based learning is that in my heart I believe that if you give a child the time to practice a skill, access to materials and a bit of guidance, the possibilities are infinite.  I have not “taught” Lilah anything new.  I have made sure that she has a stocked pantry, access to the kitchen, the baking utensils, and my opinion on what tastes, flavors and textures go well together.  

Then it happened.  A cupcake was born from her imagination and her knowledge of how to make a cupcake.  A sweet cupcake flavored with one of her favorite candies.    While I don’t love the sweetness of it, I complimented her on its texture.  It is light and springy, yet dense enough to be cake.  She was inspired.  She created another.  A peanut butter and jelly cupcake!  It is quite good.  She needs to come up with a great frosting to make it seem less of a muffin.  She now also has her own sugar cookie.  She is proud of her creations and baked a batch of cookies for Kim’s birthday.  She wants to bake for the monthly church dinner.  She wants to bake all the time.  

I want my girls to plan big plans.  I have told Lilah that she should apprentice in a bakery or get a part time job when she is 14, but her goal should be to own a bakery.  To help her conceptualize these dreams, we did not think twice about taking her to Carlo’s Bakery over an hour away.  Earlier in the week I had taken her to Sugar Bakery in East Haven, CT.

Sugar is a local bakery that won The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars.  This is a very sweet bakery.  It is bright and cheerful with beautifully displayed cupcakes lining the cases.  The flavors are unique and the size of the cupcake is perfect for quartering and sharing among a family of 4!  Grace, Lilah and I each picked out 2 cupcakes to take home and share with Greg.  We chose Chocolate Lemon, Cookie Dough, Hostess Cake, Watermelon, and Boston Creme.  My favorite was the Chocolate Lemon followed by the Boston Creme.  Yummy!  

This is a bakery I would encourage Lilah to work at, to learn as much as possible and to file away all that knowledge for use in her own bakery or home catering business.  Her future (and mine) is very sweet indeed!

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