Monday, August 13, 2012

The End is really just the Beginning

I spent most of the weekend with my laptop, the air conditioner and the door to my studio closed.  My goal was to finish the rough draft of my ebook.  I set a deadline of  September 1 so that it would be ready to hit iBooks at the start of the school/coop season.  Having a goal is handy because it keeps you on task when countless things, like laundry, kids’ schedules, and beach trips, constantly compete for your time and attention.

I have a rough draft finished!  I am extremely proud of myself because I often have ideas (like opening an Etsy shop to sell my deodorant and natural beauty products) but I lack the follow through.  Too many things compete for my time and attention these days.  I find it difficult to devote most of my energy to the education of my children and balance that with the responsibilities of keeping a tidy house and yard, and have time and energy left over to build a home business or write a book......
I have to credit The Huckleberry Hill Project for giving me the push to do this.  This Project does not “officially” begin until October but the conversations I have had this summer with Cath at Wholeschoolers, inspired me to put the time and effort into my own passions and honor my dreams as well as those of my children’s.  I have always dreamt of writing a book.  Self publishing an ebook seemed like an easy foray into calling myself an author.
A rough draft is just that, rough.  When I sat down to write the book the words flowed from my fingers.  I did not follow an outline.  I poured my thoughts into the computer and watched the project come together.  This weekend I asked my father to proof read and edit my draft and he gave me wonderfully constructive advice.  Advice that came with many notes in the margin!  He advised me to go back and re-read and re-write portions of my book where it strayed from the original purpose: to create a how-to book for art journaling with children.  There are sections I need to add, like a preface or introduction explaining the purpose of the book and how to use it.  There are sentences which leave the reader pondering if I am writing to an adult looking to run a class like mine or if I am writing to the child in my class.  
I admire authors who are able to publish 300 page novels while caring for young children.  I always read the back cover flap to see the personal tidbits about the person behind the words.  It is hard to retain focus with dogs begging to go out, children swimming in a backyard pool, pasta boiling over on the stove top and spin cycles off-balance!  So now, I have to do the hard work.  The dreaded work.  The revision process.  
This is what every child I know dreads.  When you are done, you are done. Right?  Wrong.  The ending is really just the beginning.  While I hoped to have this book done by September 1st, I now realize that is an unrealistic expectation.  The editing process will take at least a week or two and when I look at my calendar there is not much time that can be devoted to this project for at least a week.  Then two copies must be mailed to the Copyright Agency to protect my work, even though my research shows that all ebooks are automatically copyrighted.  Then there is the actual publishing of the book.  iBooks has to officially accept my work.  I have no idea how long that process will take (fingers crossed they actually accept my work!).
Readers have contacted me about purchasing this book to assist in the creation of a fall coop class.  I have complied a list of links to my previous posts about art journaling.  I am happy to answer any questions at or through the comments section below.  The book will contain 10 lessons that are not on my blog.  However, I have many lessons on the blog that can be used for inspiration in your class or writing group.  I also keep an Art Journaling  page at Pinterest @ and often use Instagram to photo document my work @ Teachable Moments.
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