Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Time for Greatness is Now

The Huckleberry Hill Project is officially underway! 
This project is a gathering of 8 families who are pursuing project-based learning together.  Each child is to select a project that ties into their passions and talents and will make the world a better place.  By providing time, a location that inspires creativity, and access to experts in the field, we hope to not only mentor the children, but devote time to our own project development as well.
The excitement for this Project is growing.  Over the summer some children came up with their big idea and simply could not wait until the fall to begin.  
Some of their projects include:
  • The creation of CT’s first Children’s Film Festival
  • A music event performed by talented children in which money will be raised to benefit the victims of US Natural Disasters (guess whose project this is.....)
  • The creation of a Cupcake Club in which fresh baked goods will be delivered to local organizations/persons.  The creation of a cookbook based on this Cupcake Club will be created and sold locally with a portion of proceeds going to support wildlife conservation. (and this project belongs to my other lovely child!)
  • The creation of a “green directory” in which locally sources and homemade products will be made available to residents of our county.
  • The completion of a children’s book.
  • The continuation of a 503c Animal Rescue, Lucky Tails which has already taken in 2 foster dogs! (see my button on the sidebar.)
  • A chicken business in which chickens are cared for, eggs collected, washed, package and sold.  A website may be created to educate about the care of backyard chickens.  (no this is not my project.....but I hope to learn a great deal from this amazing 9 year old!)
  • Organic dog biscuits will be made, packaged and sold at local retailers, farms, veterinary offices, pet stores.  Proceeds will benefit local animal rescue organizations.
These individual projects are only part of our Project.  The second half of our days spent together will be focused on a group project....wait for it.....creating a documentary!   The children will teach others how to have healthy habits (with a focus of preventing Type II Diabetes).  We have some amazing people who specialize in film making willing to give us technical guidance.

Among these families, we have 14 creative, talented children who are capable of doing great things if given the time, the freedom and the guidance.  Millstone Farm, a local sustainable farm, agreed to house this project!  We are thrilled.  Having a dedicated location to go to, an office for children, supports the purpose and the seriousness of the Project and the projects that are in development.  Imagine this as your office - with this as your view!

The entire building is wireless.  I imagine children finding a cozy nook on a couch with a lap desk and a laptop working away on their projects.  I envision cell phones being used to call local businesses and venues.  I can hear the hum of the printer as it spits out page after page of a book or cookbook.  I can smell coffee and herbal tea.  I can hear the laughter of children gathering outside to play and watch the pigs pass by.  I can feel my warm cozy slippers on my feet as they shuffle walk along the slate floor.  It is so tangible,  so close to becoming a reality.  

This is why we homeschool.  This is the type of educational experience I dream of providing for my children. I plan to participate in this project fully, not only as an assistant to the founder, Cath at Wholeschoolers but as an active participant with a project.  I would love to host either a pop up store on my blog or open the Etsy shop I have dreamed about with Lilah where we would sell her products as well as my organic beauty products.  Right now I have perfected my calendula infused olive oil, my deodorant, and a vodka-thyme skin care spray.  My dreams are growing as big as my children's.  No longer can I push them aside and hope that I will get to them someday.

The time for great things is now.  

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