Saturday, August 11, 2012

This Week

Grace has been spending her week volunteering as a music assistant at our Church’s Vacation Bible School Camp.  I wonder if she realizes that she has been given a gift of faith and that she has acted upon that gift and given back through her own gifts and talents.
Over the years she has acted in the Christmas Pageant, sang in the youth choir and had nearly perfect attendance in Religious Education.  She has attended teen group meetings and helped paint the teen room.  She has made place mats for church sponsored dinners at half-way houses, and helped collect and deliver jeans that were sent to teens in Haiti.  She is now starting her second year as an alter server and will be playing the piano as part of the teen choir.  Last year she was able to merge her love of young children with her service by helping out at VBS.  This year she begged me to drive her back and forth every day so she could help out again.  I am so proud of her.
While Grace has been at camp every morning Lilah has enjoyed unlimited access to the kitchen!  She has designed a camp of her own...baking camp!  Monday she made her famous peanut butter cookies and shared them with our elderly next door neighbors.  Tuesday she tweaked the recipe by reducing the sugar, omitting the chocolate chips and adding organic multi-berry jelly!  She created her very own recipe, the PB&J cookie a la Lilah!  This too was shared with our neighbor.  He loves when Lilah bakes!  I do too since I get to enjoy a sample and feel good about sharing the joy. 

Wednesday was cup cake day.  When Lilah bakes she likes to bake from scratch.  This can be a bit complicated since the child is too young to attend culinary school, yet feels like she is cheating when she uses someone else’s recipe.  I am not a baker so it is a quandary that we are stuck in the middle of.  In my opinion, if you change at least three things then you have altered the basic premise of the recipe.  She will change the ingredients to organic.  She will lessen the amount of sugar.  She will add ingredients.  But there are some things like homemade vanilla pudding that you just can’t create at nine.  I told her she can then credit the author of that recipe, but should feel no shame in calling her baking homemade.

Anyway.....Wednesday was cupcake day.  Vanilla cake.  Then she decided they should be filled with vanilla pudding.  I had to help her a bit here as my favorite pudding recipe involved boiling milk, mixing part of it with eggs, adding it back into the mix, etc.  We worked together to make the yummy filling.  Because it had to chill and set, the pudding would not be ready to fill the cupcakes until Thursday.

Thursday she made her own icing, which she created from a kitchen experiment with Marlin (at Frog Creek).  She colored it a fabulous shade of purple using the juice from frozen blueberries and raspberries.  After using my mechanical pastry bag to pipe the pudding into the cupcake, she iced them and dusted them with blue super fine sugar a.k.a. fairy dust.

Thursday night we enjoy dessert.  Thank you Lilah!

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