Friday, September 14, 2012


I love birthdays.  It is one day a year when you get to celebrate your life.  Do what makes you happy.  Share your joy with loved ones.  I won’t get into how I just cannot believe that my Gracie was born 12 years ago.  12.  Oh my.  12.

This child packs so much living into each of her days that the accumulation of 12 year’s worth has proven to be one adventure after another.  Her birthday was no exception.  She was up half the night with anticipation.  
Her best friend slept over to celebrate with her.

                                                                                      There were gifts.

And revelry.

And a trip to an arcade.
Go to an arcade mid week in September. It feels decadent, like you are skipping school.  Only there is no truant slip, no unexcused absence, no make up work.  Only fun on this very special day.

Birthday Bert, a very special balloon man made by Lilah joined us for the day.  He came everywhere -- to the arcade, to Starbucks for a custom made Frappacino, to dinner.  

He even helped to blow out the candles of the chocolate vegan cake baked with love by my baker, Lilah.  
Super yummy cake Lilah!  

It was a very, very good day.  The kind of Epic celebration that will live on in our memories forever.  Someday, we will look back on this, perhaps at a family dinner with grandchildren and say “remember how awesome Grace’s 12th birthday was?”  
And we will all smile.

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