Monday, September 17, 2012

A much needed break

There have been many things going on in our home that I have purposefully omitted from this blog.  Either they are personal and while they pertain to me, the issues are not for me to share, or they are still too raw and should not be shared.  Over the past two weeks we have had a diagnosis of some pretty huge food allergies, family medical issues, a dear neighbor diagnosed with leukemia, the decision to quit a homeschooling activity that was near and dear to our hearts, and the strife that comes from making such a large decision.  

This is when God steps in and gives you a break.  He gives you the most gorgeous day to appreciate.  A day that was just made for football.   My nephew is playing this year for Pop Warner and I just love watching his team try their hardest and work together.  He has grown so much over the past six months, not only physically, but in his personal strength, his confidence and his character.  It makes an Auntie proud.
My sister had us over after the game for a cookout, some wine and some s’mores.  My parents joined us and if my brother and his family could have come, it would have been a perfect day.  There was talk of school, of homeschooling, of friends, of work, and of course...politics!  It felt really good to talk about what has been going on in my life with my family who helped me work through things in my own head so that I can in turn help the girls navigate their way through some issues that need resolution. 

My sister started a fire outside with assistance from Grace.  My nephew brought out the s’mores and the music. My Mom spent time brushing my girl’s hair, enjoying every brush stroke.  I wonder if she was thinking of when my sister and I were young with long blond hair down our backs and how quickly time goes by.   We discovered the app The Night Sky and I'm sure that if our dogs did not need us to come let them out, the girls would have been looking up at the dark country sky into the wee hours of the morning.  My nephew entertained us and my other nephew countered his brother’s humor with a sarcasm that is both witty and mature.  I love these boys.  I love these girls.  

For a few hours on a lovely fall-like night we drank wine, watched the fire, laughed from the bottom of our belly and enjoyed each other’s company.  Thank you Sista!

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