Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alice in Bendel-land

One of the perks of having a husband who works in the retail industry is being able to jump on a train for the fun things that NYC has to offer.  Thursday was Fashion’s Night Out, a night to celebrate the Fashion Industry and those who support it.  It coincides with New York’s Fashion Week, the week every fall when designers launch their fall lines and hope to be worn by the famous and influential people who frequent stores whose flagship stores line 5th Ave and Madison Ave.  

Two years ago Greg’s store was hosting the cast from Gossip Girl, which was then my weekly guilty pleasure.  I wanted to go sooooo badly but having to find someone to watch my two young girls on a Thursday night was close to impossible.  I promised myself that someday I would go.  That someday came this year when Grace could have knocked me over with a feather by announcing that she would like to go!  Whoo Hoo!  The date was added to the calendar and outfits were carefully selected.
We arrived early (festivities begin at 6:00pm) for two reasons.  Marlin, who we borrowed from Kim for the night, really wanted to see Greg’s office.  A tour included viewing inspiration rooms where board after board of giant collages of inspirational items were viewed.  We looked through the sample jewelry and caught a glimpse of the items for upcoming handbag lines.  We burned our mouths on hot chocolate in the lunch room and then headed downstairs and around the corner to the store to grab some dinner while there was food to be had!  

I love this store.  I love the Lalique windows and the dome ceiling.  I love the heavy heavy metal doors and the feeling you get when walking through them like you are Alice about to step into a fabulous world of make up instead of make believe where you get the chance to play dress up with very expensive jewels, shades, hats, and perfumes from as long as you want and no one tells you that dress up is for babies.  This store celebrates femininity and beauty and self care and indulgence.  It is not the world I live in where self care is about green smoothies and chicken dreaming and Birkenstock wearing but one I sure do like to escape to from time to time.

Once the girls got over the sticker-shock, they fell a little bit in love too.

The best food trucks in NYC catered the event.  

DJ’s played house music that turned the store into a pseudo-night club.

We met the artists/designers of things we dreamed of owning.

We watched performers from Cirque de Soleil prep for a performance at the store. 

Unfortunately the store was too crowded by the time they were to perform and three girls walked back through the heavy doors out of wonderland and into the muggy Manhattan air and the spell of Bendel’s was broken. As we boarded the northbound train and talked about going back again next year we realized how much fun dress up is, and we recommend it to everyone. No matter your age, it will keep you young at heart.

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