Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yesterday I took over 100 pictures of my girls and their friends at the beach.  This was one of those spontaneous moments, which in my opinion, are always the best.  We found ourselves with a few free hours after having rocked out much work during the day.  Amy and her girls were in town working on the sale of their home.  The timing was just right and we were able to scoot down to the beach together and work on a special project for a faraway friend......
The afternoon light this year is stunning.  I suppose it is every year, perhaps I am just taking the time to notice it more this year.  When the storm blew through on Tuesday, it gave Mother Nature a giant bubble bath.  Everything had been cleaned up and was bright and sparkly.  The water was still warm, the salty air crisp and I don’t have the words to describe the sky...  
We were there for a specific purpose, to comb the beach for pretty pieces of cloudy glass with edges dulled from the journey it took through salty water.
If I had realized the photo opportunity at hand, I would have dressed them up a bit and taken some Christmas Card photos.  I guess we will just have to go back another day when the light is just right and the air is crisp and we can search for bits of color amid the rocky shore and I will follow them around snapping photo after photo after gorgeous photo.  

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