Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall in New England

Fall in New England is magical.  It is when I feel most alive.  Sandwiched in between the hot, humid summer months and the frigid, blizzard producing winter months, this is a time for beauty, for outdoors, for camp fires, for Main Street strolls, and for cups of coffee with friends.  
We were able to do all this and more when we visited our friends in the hills of Connecticut yesterday.  Since we live on Long Island Sound we do not have the foliage that can be found an hour north. The color will slowly creep southward, but in the Litchfield towns of Kent and New Milford color abounds.  It makes me want to break out my cable knit sweaters and Ugg boots but our days are still in the mid 70s.  
A day in the mid 70s, a stream, building materials, creative kids, stuffed animals, a campfire.  Hmmm...Only good things can come from this combination!

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