Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little Princes

Our town, like many has a “one book, one town” program run by the library.  I have written extensively about my love/hate relationship with our town’s library so I did not have high hopes for how well this program would be run.  I passed by the book display on my way through the teen department to the circulation desk and the cover caught my eye.  
Funny how we tell children not to judge a book by its cover yet how many times have we picked up a book simply because the cover lured us in....  This book cover is beautiful in its simplicity.  I knew it was about children in an Asian culture and flipped the book over to read the summary and was hooked.  

I devoured this book.  It resonated with me on many levels.  I truly believe that we pick up books because they fill a certain need in our lives.  The Huckleberry Hill Project is about to start and our summer has been spent in deep discussions about what moves us to action.  Here a young man, with no grand notions of philanthropy, choose to spend three months working at what he believed to be an orphanage in Nepal.  
In three months he finds his passion.  These children are not orphans, they are mostly children who have been given by their parents to child traffickers upon the promise of a better life and education in the city.  Unknowingly, their children are forced to beg for money or sold into a life of slavery as domestic help.  Connor makes it his life’s mission to rescue these children with the goal of reunification with the family.
Not only does this story bring to mind how blessed our children are, it also is a realization that passion is not always paramount to mission.  Sometimes the mission comes first, then the passion follows, and the result is sheer wonder.  As I have been discussing HHP I have had people tell me that their child does not have a driving passion, or they may not know what they want to do with their life, because after all, they are children!  Here is a perfect example of someone doing amazing work with the original motive of having a really cool story to impress girls.  Through this work he falls in love with a land, with its people, with a beautiful girl, and with volunteerism.  The passion came after the mission.
Our library kicked off the one book, one town program with a Skype conversation with the author.  I have never attended this type of event.  It was wonderful.  I wished I had brought the girls.  After I finished the book, I bought the audio book on iTunes for $9.99 but our current read, Morgan Spurlock’s Don’t Eat This Book, is 8 hours and we are almost done.....I do want them to read or listen to this book but I will have them attend the next event, a live author visit, regardless if they have finished it or not.  Connor is that motivating. 

I believe passionately that children should be exposed to passionate people.  To have a passion is one thing.  Turning that passion into action is another.  Conor Grennan has now reunited over 300 families with the children they feared would never be seen again.  That is turning passion into action.  He is a another role model for my children.

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