Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Art Journaling

My 5 week Thursday art journaling class has ended but my friends and I plan to get together on our own to keep journaling. We are three families who enjoy spending time together but seem to have too little of it lately to go around. The Mom’s have asked if I would consider journaling for adults......Hmm.  Art.  Journaling.  Wine.  Interesting. 

What I love most about this group of girls that range in age from 8 to 12  is that they never follow my model!  The last class we had, I wanted to try to use markers and add a wash of water to create a tie-die effect.  I drew a basic picture of a flower and a leaf and left plenty of white space which to fill with words I cut out of magazines.  

Each child thought for a moment and just drew whatever came to them.  Some children finished, but most did not.  These drawings are detailed.  I have been working for about 4 hours on mine and it is not close to complete.  Lilah and a few others decided to bring up the beads and add some using Elmer’s glue.  

I adore the work these girls create every time we meet.  I am giddy at the prospect of working with them in a small group.  Just 6 girls.  Who love art journaling.  Chills.  

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