Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sea Glass

When I was downloading pictures off my phone, I realized these wonderful pictures were forgotten!  Last Wednesday, Grace’s birthday, I took the girls to a beach in our town that we never swim.  It is at the seawall, where restaurants line the beach and people come to walk their dogs and feed the feral cats.  At low tide, just a tiny part of the beach recedes, and when the water pulls back into the sound, it leaves behind something magical...

...lots and lots of sea glass!  The girls climb down the rock jetties into the sand and scour the tiny grains looking for bits of color reflecting off the sun’s afternoon rays.  I have to remember to do this more often. I love to sit on the wall and watch them search.  Their energy and concentration is peacefully focused on a specific task and it entertains them for a very long time.  

In between climbing, rock skipping and of course some splashing, there are exquisit finds of blue, brown and white that will be brought home, washed off, labeled, and added to the crystal bowl that hold their finds from other days.

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