Monday, October 22, 2012


Lilah is really enjoying her art class.  It is a mini-class which lasts just three weeks.   I love that her teacher is incorporating story writing with the art of anime.  It merges both her passions. 

When her class ends next week she will have a comic strip story board.  It will be her choice to leave it as is, or use these boards to develop the story further.  

Personally, I like it just the way it is!


  1. I saw these on Instagram and showed Keilee. Drawing is her "I love it but I can't do it!" thing. I often think if she took classes she would learn so much. She loves to draw and sits around sketching often. She always tries to draw people which are hard to do. Lilah has done a great job! I showed Kei her Anime girls last week. Is the book you mentioned before really helpful? Better than internet 'How to Draw Anime" sites? Beautiful job Lilah!!

    1. Chris Hart has many manga/anime books that are fabulous. Lilah has learned more from these books than any class she has taken or online video. Even though this class is great, the quality of her artwork is better at home. I am happy because she is learning the skill of telling the story through the pictures. Check these books out. I think she will love them!


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