Monday, October 15, 2012

Art Journaling: Butterfly Page

My art journaling groups that took place over the summer have  ended.  My original Monday group still meets from time to time but the three families are very busy people and more often than not we cancel.  I miss this time of creativity and companionship.  

I am beyond thrilled that friends of mine who participated in my open Summer session decided they would like to come more often and create art...and share words and time and friendship.   I have been looking forward to meeting for so long and finally the time has come!

The coolest thing about these girls is they take my model and mostly disregard it!  They may be inspired by it but they feel no need to copy it.  They turn their page into something completely original and unique.  
As we go forward, there are many new techniques I would like to try.  I want to watch tutorials with them and experiment with new materials.  I want them to look back a few months from now and see how they have developed as writers and artists.  

I am giddy with the thought of a regular time to meet.  Isn’t that a great word, giddy?  Prepare yourself for more art journaling posts.  My ebook has stalled.  I plan to finish it when we take the month of December off.  Right now there just is not time.......

Butterfly Art Journal Page 
  • used wallpaper samples (free at most paint supply stores)
  • paint, natural sponges
  • glue, scissors, black sharpies, gel pens
Directions: have children cut out one wing, doubled to insure  symmetry.  Body of butterfly is made with words.  Have children think of as many character traits as possible.  

Time: approximately 90 minutes.

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