Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have been on an emotional roller coaster ride this week that we were not prepared for.  As we were walking out the door Sunday to drive up to Massachusetts, Daphne, our beloved poochie became very ill.  Literally as we were walking out the door.  Grace picked her up to say goodbye and she yelped. Upon placing her gently down she lost control of her bladder and began coughing.  Greg and I made eye contact above the girls heads and shared a feeling that this the start of something we have been dreading for a long time.

A trip to the emergency Vet ruled out bloat.  Monday she was brought to our friend and veterinarian where she was cared for like she was his own pet.  It was determined that she is suffering from anemia and her red blood count is critically low.  At her lowest point it was 14/40 and it was determined that a blood transfusion was needed.  This boosted her up to 24/40 where she is currently.  After a stay overnight, we brought her home for the night and built her a fire and showered her with love and kisses.  She returned the next day for more IV fluids and medications and a recheck of her blood levels.  
It is touch and go.  We are cautiously optimistic.  She is not young.  We have loved her for a long time.  But we are not ready to say goodbye.  Not yet.  Not so soon.  We will if we have to, but for now we are trying all things reasonable to keep her with us a little longer.
Jake misses her too!

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