Thursday, October 18, 2012

Electronics: Little Bits

Grace’s interest in electronics was sparked (no pun intended) during our Snap Circuit Class.  She and Lilah created many of the circuits in the kit and watching the lights light and the alarms sound.  Snap Circuits is a wonderful introduction to electronics but Grace wanted to move ahead in her learning and layer her learning moving towards electrical engineering, where she can build and construct circuits to solve problems or just make very cool things!

We have moved away from our Snap Circuits kits and are purchasing another kit that allows for more creativity and the beginnings of engineering in a way that children of all ages can understand. Little Bits are hard to find right now.  Amazon has them $20 over the list price and Little Bits site is sold out!  

The girls also had the opportunity to take apart an old stripped laptop.  The purpose of this was not to understand how a computer works, but rather simply to gain experience using tools that are necessary to work with electronics.  It was fascinating to gain a glimpse into the inner workings of a machine I use every single day.  So complex, yet so simple.  Screw after screw hold together the layers of metal, plastic and circuitry.  I do not have a technical-thinking brain.  As I saw all the letters scattered on the ground, removed from the keyboard pad, I immediately thought how cool they would look on an art journal page!

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