Monday, October 1, 2012


Lilah has been working on a project.  It brings her great joy.  She started baking for charity through the formation of LCC, Lilah’s Cupcake Club.  She gets together with three friends once a month and they bake.  The best part is that after they taste a bite or two, they choose a local organization or charity and give their baked goods away.

This project has not been easy.  Just before the club held its first meeting Lilah was diagnosed with some pretty harsh food allergies, allergies that greatly impacted her ability to bake the way she knew and loved.  Rather than give up her life goal of being a baker and rather than changing her project, she found a way to compromise.  The treats that would be for eating would be baked vegan and gluten free when possible.  The treats for sharing would be baked the “traditional” way.
To prepare for the club meeting Lilah finds a recipe and makes a beautiful directions page to hang on the wall.  She tests the recipe out before hand  (after her first club meeting resulted in inedible cupcakes).  She sends an email out to her friends dividing the ingredients and asking each person to bring one.  On the day of the meeting, she helps clean the house and then she organizes her supplies.  

Baking is usually a solitary task or sometimes shared with a loved one.  When you know the layout of your kitchen and can reach into the fridge with one hand while stirring a bowl on the counter with the other, baking is second nature.  Baking with three other people is quite another thing.  The kitchen seems smaller.  Measurements are incorrect.  Spills occur.  

It would be wonderful if I had a gourmet kitchen where more children could come and be part of this group but this is not the case.  Lilah created her group with children she does not have the opportunity to see on a regular basis through other activities.  I think because they don’t see each other as often they make the most of every minute of their “meeting”.

This month two goodies were made: chocolate covered peanut butter balls and double chocolate cupcakes.  While the peanut butter balls were cooling in the fridge, the cupcakes were made.  While the cupcakes were in the oven, they decorated their chinese food containers with pumpkin stickers and created a card.  Lilah called the Fire Station on Main Street, introduced herself, and asked if she and her friends could bring the peanut butter balls to the station.  While we drove there, the cupcakes cooled.  When we returned the cupcakes were ready to decorate.  This meeting could have have run as seamlessly as it did without Lilah’s penchant for organization, which seems to only extend to something she cares about with a deep passion!  

This project will become the basis of her work for Huckleberry Hill Project.  I am not sure what direction she will go with it.  She may:
  • Create a cookbook of the recipes she has used in LLC.
  • Continue to develop her marketing of LLC by creating brochures and business cards to include with the charitable deliveries.   
  • Research vegan recipes and dig out family favorites to bake at meetings.
  • Experiment with new materials such as fondant and ganache.
  • Partner with other children’s HHP projects to bake to help raise funds for their projects (ex. bake for one of Claire’s dog adoption events and give the money raised to her rescue organization).
  • Find a way to raise money to support a charity of her choice - most likely one working to save endangered animals.

There will be more about this project as it develops.  I am looking forward to seeing it grow.  Most of all I look forward to the joy that is present when four girls are doing something they love for the sole purpose of spreading that joy around.

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