Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lilah's Manga Drawing Class

I don’t know what prompted Lilah’s interest in manga.  As far back as I ca remember it was there.  She is not a huge comic book fan.  She does not watch Japanese Anime.  No Powder Puff Girls.  I have Sprited Away in our Netflix Instant Queue but so far we have not watched it.  I don’t know where her interest began but every now and then she will pull out all her Chris Hart books and spend hours and hours drawing.
Here are some of my favorites:

I did not ask for her input when I registered her for a 3 session class on manga drawing.  This drew her ire, for she is not one to sign up for classes and did not want to go.  I pleaded for her to try one class and keep an open mind.  She went.  I will never forget when I called her to check in on her.
  • “Did you like the class?”
  • “Uhhhh....huh...................” (giggling)
  • “So is that a yes?”
  • “Maaaaaaaybeeeeeeee” (again giggling)
  • “Are you going back”
  • “Maaaaaaybeeeeeee”
  • “Can you just tell me how right I am?  I really would love to hear it!”
  • “Nooooooppppppeeeeee!” 

My silly, silly girl.  I am so glad she liked the class and will attend the next two weeks.  The next class will also be a divide and conquer kind of day with each girl doing separate activities but I should be able to get her to class and peek into that folder and see what drawings are hiding inside.

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