Thursday, October 25, 2012

Piano Practice

Music fills our home as the girls prepare for upcoming performances.  Throughout November and December the girls have several opportunities to share their love of the piano with others.  They are working daily to polish their pieces.  
One of the girl’s friends is a very talented pianist.  Last week she played us a piece from memory.  I assumed it was a classical piece from a composer like Bach or perhaps even Mozart.  My jaw hit the floor when I found out it was her own composition!  Little did this child know that she inspired Lilah to begin tinkering with the keys.  First Lilah took a simple song that is played only with the right hand and added notes for her left hand.  Pleased with the outcome, she composed her first piece of music!  I hope this is the beginning of many more original pieces of music.  
You never know where you will find inspiration.  
Never stop seeking it.

Rondo alla Turka:

Toccata and Fugue:

Lilah's performance piece:

Lilah's original composition:

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