Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tri State Weather Conference

 Last year when Grace was attending the middle school Meteorology Program at WSCU, she was made aware of the Tri-State Meteorology Conference, a professional conference held at the university every other year and open to not only professional meteorologists but also weather data collectors, and weather enthusiasts!  

Ten speakers presented on topics that ranged from historical data collection in Upstate New York to Duo-Polarization Radar and why it should matter to you!  Out of the 10 presenters, all were excellent but some were too technical to hold the interest of a twelve year old.  Her favorite presentations were about the 1938 hurricane, the October snowstorm of last year, the MA tornado outbreak also of last year and geological changes the weather creates and how geological conditions affect weather.  

Note taking is a skill that takes time to develop.  Although this format was purely lecture and the information presented would not have to be regurgitated in test format, I used the opportunity to model note taking for Grace.  I took my notes the “old fashioned way” with a pen and pencil.  I am a scattered note taker.  I draw arrows, box in information, and sometimes even doodle!  Grace prefers to use her iPad and copied my notes the best she could. 

 There were many projects that she was inspired to begin as a result of this conference such as: keep more detailed daily weather notations and call them into the local tv station, learn what a ham radio is and how to build one, and begin a science club with other children her age. She was also made aware of how much work will be in her future in order to prepare for college as a science major.  From the presentations it was apparent that the science of meteorology is based on three things: calculus, probability and statistics.  Not three of my strengths!  Her future educational path will be determined based on her goals and desires.   

After the tornado presentation Grace leaned over and whispered that she would like to explore the Red Cross.  I agreed wholeheartedly.  While Grace is definitely passionate about weather, she is equally passionate about the human element and how people are affected by natural disasters.  We are going to contact The Red Cross, Americares, and Save the Children to explore this further. 

Saturday made me thankful to have help in the parenting department.  It was a divide and conquer kind of day.  While Grace and I were at WSCU, Greg and Lilah were in New Haven exploring one of her interests......manga drawing!  More to come on that soon.......

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