Sunday, November 4, 2012

Community Spirit

Day three of no power was filled with tears because our Town postponed Halloween for a week due to the dangerous conditions of our roads.  We have major intersections with no traffic lights, downed trees and live wires, and entire neighborhoods still in the dark.  It was the right thing to do, despite being very disappointing for a 10 and a 12 year old.  
Off an on throughout the day Lilah would well up with tears repeating over and over how Halloween is her 2nd favorite holiday.  She could not understand how a holiday can be postponed.  Over and over I had to tell her that Christmas cannot and will not be postponed even in the event of a blizzard.  
At 4:00pm my neighbor told me that an impromptu Trunk or Treat was being held at the park at 5:30.  Being out of the “school” community affects us.  Our neighborhood has a neighborhood school.  Most of the children that live around us attend it.  When we choose to leave the school community, we were removed from many of the social aspects that happen because families who know each other from their school connection plan them.   

We were originally planning to not celebrate Halloween because we had a generator to install, food to throw away, neighbors to cook for, and a house to heat in preparation for a chilly night.   This was easy.  We could walk!  In less than 30 minutes the girls had cleaned out the trunk of the Prius, decorated it with items they scavenged from around the house and threw on costumes.  Grace ditched her plan to be Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel and wore my black skirt and a shirt and was a witch.  Lilah always intended on being Taylor Swift but she scaled down her costume to something more casual.  

This Trunk or Treat even drew at least 50 families.  The police came and left.  It was held with safety in mind.  Consideration for young children and the neighbors whose street boarder the park was everyone’s concern.  My girls were able to run from car to car with their friends while Greg and I stayed at the car and oohed and ahhed over the adorable toddlers who were barely able to voice “trick or treat”.   
After the event ended the girls and Greg went to our neighbors for candy trading and pizza.  I met up with them after I visited my parents for a quick hot shower!  This event reminded me of the positive aspects of living in a neighborhood.  At times I want to move.  At times I feel l need a bit more elbow room.  Room for chickens, room for a bigger garden, room to not see what my neighbor is watching on tv at night!  Last night reminded me of the spirit of community.  About neighbors reaching out to neighbors.  About the power of collaboration.  

This storm may have brought life to a standstill.  Greg still can’t get to NYC.  We have no idea when our lights will come back on.  However, we do know that we have caring community that helps one another in times of need.  That is a really good feeling.  


Susan said...

This sounds like such a great alternative! I'm glad your girls were able to have fun :)

Frogcreek said...

I am really glad it all worked out, and that Halloween was saved! And look at Grace in that Dress!! :>)

Frogcreek said...

I am really glad it all worked out, and that Halloween was saved! And look at Grace in that Dress!! :>)

Karen said...

I am so glad the girls were able to trunk or treat. It is awesome how towns pull together in crisis. I wish they did this every day of the year. Grace and Lilah look like that did have a good Halloween after all. :)

Anonymous said...

that's great! Our town completely canceled Halloween altogether. I gave the girls the option of going to another town on Monday--the night our Governor postponed Halloween to--but they chose to stay home in the dark, I think we were all just so exhausted from the whole thing. I told them I would take the shopping and get them each a little Halloween gift in lieu of the candy.

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