Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When your girls go to bed with a skill that they did possess when they woke in the morning, 
that is super-duper cool.  

Wake up a non knitter.  Go to bed a knitter.  

Wake up and wear a store bought hat.  
Go to bed wearing hand made hat.   
She went to bed wearing her hat.  

Lilah learned how to knit on a loom and on needles.  
It doesn't get much better than this!


aree1997 said...

Great :) Your girls are super creative :)
Love this hat :)

Shel said...

That's awesome, Jess! It has been one of my goals to learn to knit for awhile no and this just makes me want to learn even more! Way to go Lilah!

Anonymous said...

We started crocheting last night. Loved showing my girls this today!

Jessica said...

We are off to the yarn store to stock up on some inexpensive yarn. They want to make hats to give as gifts!

Jessica said...

I think with your help they could use a knitting loom. My girls are really enjoying that it yields a product much quicker than needle knitting does. We are going to research other things you can make using these looms!

Jessica said...

I love crocheting. I think of all the fiber and textile arts, crocheting is the most beautiful. I have a hard time counting to keep each row the same. I always end up with a blanket that looks like a trapezoid!

Anonymous said...

I have question for you about moving beyond the page. What do you like about it? We do STOW too. I was thinking about adding this for my 11 year old daughter.

Jessica said...

There are many things that I like about it.
child can choose among several excellent book selections.
The activity guide covers a wide range of curriculum areas from art to grammar to history.
includes comprehension questions and vocabulary.
Guide is inexpensive and books can be borrowed from library.
You can do the work in the guide or rip pages out and paste onto card stock or into a journal. Easy to customize per child.
My girls found some of the activities boring or not relevant. I was willing to choose the activities with them and we agreed on which ones they would do. The comprehension questions must be done and answered in complete sentences.
Some guides are more artistic than others.
For my one daughter who loves to read and reads voraciously, she struggled with having a set pace to a book. She would have finished Hugo in a few days if she was reading for pleasure but this made her slow down and read the book over the course of a month. That could be a pro or a con depending on your outlook!

We are going to order another guide to begin in January. They take about 2 weeks to arrive. The shipping process from warehouse is slow so order well in advance of when you would like to begin.

Hope this helps!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

So awesome!!!!

Karen said...

This is great Jess. I saw some of these on Instagram. I tried the loom but just can't do it. Because of a wrist injury and nerve damage it really hurts my hand. That is why I can't knit either. I guess this family will just have to have ONE knitter. Love the hat!

Jessica said...

And what a great knitter Kei is! I love to knit. I love the feel of the yarn and the way the colors blend together. I hate patterns. Right now I only make rectangles! I only knit stitch. I can't count and work with the girls. I can't figure out all the abbreviations and what they mean. Someday maybe but for now the repetitive motion is soothing for me and I know that I can get hats now from my girls!

Susan said...

I think this is amazing!! I have seen those looms before, and my mom gave us a scarf knitting one several years ago...that one seems frustrating, though. The ones you used look much easier! I am planning to get back at my crocheting skills this winter, but I also love the idea of knitting. I do know the barebones basics of knitting, but haven't gotten farther than that yet. Jenna enjoys yarn crafts, but Lauren gets frustrated because she is left handed and I am not, so it's hard for me to help her.

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