Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Know what you like, like what you do.

It can be a bit challenging; balancing projects with the work that I would like to see the girl’s accomplish.  I have learned to give the girls enough time and space to work on their projects, because when the energy flows, it usually spills over into the other areas of their learning as well.

Lilah’s LCC blog is doing really well!  Not that we judge success by views but... there seems to be something here that people are interested in reading about!   So Lilah spent some time brainstorming ideas on what to blog about in between LCC meetings.  What will make her readers return to her site?  What else does she want to say?  How can we incorporate her friends into the blogging process?  

Brainstorming opens up the channels of creativity.  She knew she had to write right away!  Once her blog post was complete and published, she was moved to do more writing, this time a creative piece of fiction that she is giving to her little cousin as a Christmas present.  
The flip side of this is that once Lilah enters the “creativity zone” I can have a very hard time refocusing her on more mundane subjects like math and science......However, creativity is catchy.  Her sister saw how successful the blog is and it inspired her to begin a new blog based only on weather, her passion.   She wants to explore an opportunity to share her writing with a larger blogging community as well.   Her blog is still under construction but will be unveiled soon. 
I swear it is because I gave her two full hours this morning to work on her project that when it came time to do math and science I heard comments like “can I just write 6x+7x=13x instead of using labels?” and “can I do just one more chapter?” .  That is pretty awesome.  Everything I asked, she completed.  Grace even took extra care in her math work.  Using graph paper she lined up her equations and printed in her best handwriting.  “This is so pretty mom!”  Only Grace thinks that math equations are “pretty”.  Love it.
Project based, interest led, talent led....there are so many different names for what you can call this.  I like to think of it as life learning.
Know what you like, like what you do, do what you like well.  


aree1997 said...

I am really inspired :) I am following LCC :) It's so sweet. Go Girl Go :)


Jessica said...

They really are a bunch of sweet, goofy, loving girls who enjoy making other people happy. Thanks for following!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love that Back on Track page! It's beautiful--I would be inspired if I just had a page like that to guide me through my day!!

Second, I always admire the creativity and openness that leads your days. I was hoping that now that we finished SoTW3 I would be more relaxed, but I find myself just finding other things that I want them to do and getting myself worked up that if we don't do it all they won't do well on their SATs! Any advice or tips on relaxing??

Jessica said...

Believe me Theresa, I feel the stress. It is present in days when the math is a struggle. It is present in the days when we get nothing done....and I mean nothing. It is present in the days when I wonder what they would be doing if they were in school. Does art journaling really count for art class? Can I count a cupcake delivery as community service? Will my house ever be clean? Am I slowly losing my mind?

I think I told you awhile back that when we were first starting out with homeschooling I asked my friend if she ever felt the anxiety, the fear, the doubt. She told me that every.single.day is a leap of faith. That is what it comes down to. I feel very confident that when my girls want to go to college they will find the right one. The one that will accept their work, their portfolio, their talents. I know that if Grace truly wants to pursue meteorology she is going to have two paths, either community college, or high school. We will make that decision next year.

I question our path sometimes, but that I take deep breaths and I pray. Greg and I talk. We both feel that for now this is best for us. For now it is working. For now we see our children growing and learning and maturing into girls that not only we can be proud of, but they can be proud of. Career paths may change. Courses may be passed or failed. Activities come and go. But if we are raising children that can learn the things they seek on their own, explore their passions, and develop their talents WHILE becoming kind, caring, considerate, empathetic young women, than the other things seem minor in comparison.

Writing down what we do helps me. Blogging helps me. Talking with other moms helps me. Going through the pros and the cons of public school helps me! Counting our blessings helps me.

From what I can see and what I know of your family, you and Jason have your girls' best interests at heart. Questioning is good because it makes us reflect and refocus. Each of us has a different path but they will get us to the same destination.

Sorry for such a long reply to your question!!!!!!

karisma said...

I am finding it terribly hard to get back into the swing of things. My boy is not showing motivation at all. Just wants to ride his motor bike, or play with the kitten, or stare off into space. ARrrrghhhhh. Love your list. I think I need to tone mine down a just a wee bit and maybe he will do better. Hmmmm. Hugs to you lovely xoxox

Cath said...

I love seeing project based learning in action. It's all good stuff. I am happy for them.

Karen said...

Your list is like an Art Journal page. :) I love it. I have just let go for now. Just let Keilee go where she wants to go besides designating a day for a subject. Right now she is listening to ANOTHER genetics lecture. I can't believe she finds that interesting. I mean it is, but she has listened to about 12 of them now. I find myself worrying sometime that all Keilee seems to do is mostly 'creative' things. But then I think..that is fine.

Jessica said...

I find that I just need to put a few things down on the planner....just to let them know I expect SOMETHING to get done during the day. Once the momentum builds they often choose things on their own and the list of what they accomplished just fills up.

I bet you are back in that place of de-schooling and even though it was for a year, there must be certain things that have to be let go of in order to find that place of zen like learning.......

I wish you well!

Jessica said...

Thanks Cath! She is really working hard to make this into something wonderful. I love the look of joy on the faces of the Firefighters and Veterans and our next door neighbor when they realize that a group of girls did something just for them.

Jessica said...

Genetics. Go figure! Maybe she will end up being a scientist??!! One of Greg's friends is a geneticist. I have no idea what his area of expertise is but I remember when his friends were all getting married, he was plugging away at his PhD.

Often I just put two or three things on the planner.....just enough to get the momentum of the day going. Then I add what we HAVE done instead of what they MUST do. It gives me a record of our day and on those days when I feel like we have done nothing, I can flip back and see all they actually have accomplished.

karisma said...

Funny you should mention de-schooling. He took about a week to do that. LOL Unfortunately my husbands views are a bit different to mine. He sees schooling as doing bookwork for hours on end where I don't . Just trying to get that healthy balance back in place. Next year will be easier as we plan to travel a bit. The hubby will get to see it all first hand. ;-)

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