Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prepare, don't Panic

Saturday, October 27th, Grace and I spent the day at a class she was eagerly anticipating....Emergency Preparation 101 held by Two Coyotes, the same wilderness school that taught Lilah so much about nature and her place in it.  This class was not a children’s course, but meant for adults who are looking to become self-reliant in the face of these increasingly intense storm systems we have experienced over the last few years.  I asked permission to register the both of us for this class and permission was granted!

 This class was the introduction to what will become a monthly workshop coverings topics such as food preservation, shelter readiness, first aid, building a community network, water purification, and other topics that pertain to how to live well in the event of a prolonged power interruption.  We covered these topics and others like proper use of generators and how to start a fire without conventional materials like newspaper, and matches.

This class is the perfect compliment to Grace’s study of meteorology.  She is intensely interested in natural disasters and she has great empathy for the human element of a severe weather event.   Who knew that the weekend this class was held, we would be involved in emergency preparations for Hurricane Sandy?  

While we were at this class Greg was home cleaning out gutters, filling cars with gas, taking cash out of the ATM and stocking up on more water.  He was setting up an emergency command station in our living room where we would keep tarps, duct tape, radios, lanterns, work gloves as well as our shelf stable soy milk and bottles of water......

My motto for this storm was “prepare, don’t panic”.

** This was the most beautiful rock garden at the farm our class was held.  I want to replicate something like this in my yard.


  1. The artful parent has some great ideas about rocks. You can warm them up in the oven , draw over them with melted crayons, and then when dry write with a sharpie. If you browse her blog you may be able to get ideas- just a thought for your rock garden.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I am going to search her site for ideas. I would really like to line my garden with something like this.....

  2. Glad you guys "weathered" the storm okay. What a great, practical class for you and your daughter to take!

  3. Love that you can take this class with Grace. You'll be learning such great practical skills.


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