Sunday, November 11, 2012

Touching Lives One Cupcake at a Time

Projects are funny things.  They often pop up out of nowhere.  Sometimes they burn brightly then fizzle out and sometimes, if you are very lucky, they burn slowly, and as they gather momentum, fed by new ideas and new inspirations, it is like oxygen feeding the fire until what began as a small spark is now a raging inferno.  

LCC started off with an idea generated from a children’s book.  Lilah read the book and asked herself, “what if?”.  I answered her “what if” with a “yes”.  That was all it took.  This weekend was the third meeting of LCC. Each time these girls meet, something new develops.  
I am amazed at how little I have to do with this project.  Other than pick up girls if necessary, provide oversight for kitchen safety and drive Lilah to pick up supplies occasionally, I get to sit back and watch my daughter in her element.
To prepare for a meeting Lilah:
Finds and tests a new recipe.
Creates a beautiful recipe poster for the girls to follow.

Checks her LCC baking supplies against recipe.
Emails girls what to bring if necessary.
Cleans the house to prepare for their visit.
Organizing the baking supplies needed in the kitchen.

Together the girls:



Package their treats.
Lilah is very aware of presentation.  She likes the baked goods to be something that she would want to receive.  One time they decorated plain white Chinese food containers.  This time they used beautiful cupcake boxes that Greg and Grace found at Target and bought for Lilah.  Lilah spent about two hours one day creating a gift tag with her LCC logo that has an explanation of what the club is all about.....a mission statement.  The gift tag is wrapped up with fancy ribbon and really makes the gift complete.
Determine a charity to donate the baked goods to.
Call the organization if necessary.
Hand deliver the goodies.

Introduce themselves, what their club is, and why they bake for charity.
Make an entry in their LCC journal about the recipe, their thoughts on how well it turned out, and ideas for future meetings.

On the gift tag is LCC’s blog address:  After the baking was complete and the delivery made the girls sat together and worked on the blog. They determined how it should look, wrote an About Us text blurb, wrote the first entry, which details their previous LCC meeting when peanut butter balls were delivered to the Fire Department, and created a survey of the reader’s favorite cupcakes.  

Never ever would I have imagined that Lilah would have the nerve to walk herself into a smokey bar at the VFW the day before Veteran’s Day with three boxes of cupcakes in her hand and with me standing far in the background, introduce herself, her friends and ask a Korean War Veteran if he would like their cookies.  Cupcakes are not as sweet as that moment.  It will live with me forever.
This club, this project, this lovely little gathering of lovely little girls is something magical.  LCC is truly touching people’s lives by bringing a little sweetness into it, one cupcake at a time.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!!! Way to go, Lilah!!!

aree1997 said...

Great. These girls are so creative :D

Susan said...

LOVE this! Great job girls :)
I like the comment you made at the beginning of this post that sometimes projects burn brightly for a short time and then fizzle out...we experience that a lot, it seems.

Frogcreek said...

Yes! I am so happy for her. This is what she loves to do, and she is enjoying and wanting to do more and do better, and making the world a better place for people because of it. I love her project, and I am so very proud of her!

Karen said...

This is just so amazing. This is the kind of thing I love to see homeschoolers do. Define their passions and follow through. I am with Susan, we have projects that burn brightly and then fizzle out too. It is all part of it I think. I left a comment on the Cupcake Girls blog. Awesome!!

Jessica said...

I would not worry. I think part of the process is trying lots of things to see which one sticks!

Jessica said...

It is all part of the process. Look at Keilee's interest in theater. That is a project over and over and over again! She has sold her knit items at your skating days. She has volunteered at your church. These are all projects that I love to read about and my heart swells with joy when I see all she is doing.

Lilah will love your comment. She has not checked yet today....

Jessica said...

Thanks! She will love to read this. She is now on Pinterest and is busy collecting pictures and recipes.

Jessica said...


Michelle said...


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