Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vodka and Thyme

Due to the state of our medical and insurance industries it is becoming vital that we know how to heal our bodies.  I want my girls to know that there are things we can use herbs, tinctures, teas, juices, and food to heal what ails us.  We do not have to rely on pharmaceutics to cure common issues.  Prescription medications have a place.  I for one, rely on pharmaceuticals every day to manage my thyroid disease.    When my girls started having teenage acne, before I visited the dermatologist and filled a prescription, I wanted to try something natural.

Google "thyme + vodka for acne" and you can spend hours reading how study after study has found this natural product to be more effective for the treatment of many kinds of acne without the harsh side effects of the chemical ridden, over the counter and prescription treatments.  You need three things: a glass jar with a lid, fresh organic thyme and vodka.  I only use organic thyme because I do not want any pesticides and fungicides on my children’s skin.
  • Pack a glass jar (I love my Weck Jars) full of freshly picked thyme.  
  • Pour vodka over thyme until completely immersed and jar is full.  I use the cheapest bottle of vodka I can buy.
  • Seal.
  • Let it sit on your counter out of direct sunlight for at least a week.
  • Bottle.

My girl likes to use a small spray bottle.  Every night before bed, she uses Trader Joe’s Natural Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree Oil to cleanse, and then she sprays the vodka/thyme lightly on her face.  If she is having a break out, she will repeat this process in the morning.  
It has been so helpful for my girl, I wanted to share it with anyone who suffers from acne, whether they are a child or an adult.  My family will never be without it.


Susan said...

Thanks for this, Jess! I have been collecting just this sort of idea lately. I'm going to pin this and refer back to it.

Frogcreek said...

It is awesome, I saw the difference as well. Unfortunately for me, with my rosacea break out skin, I am too sensitive to anything alcohol based. I will run around looking like I have an intense sunburn! I would love for this to help. I wonder if I can deliver the compound of the thyme in a different vehicle?

Karen said...

I remember you mentioning this before and I wanted to try it. I will have to get this soon. Keilee hates when her face breaks out. Unfortunately stage makeup is horrible on her skin. So she uses it every night whether or not she has breakouts? Thank you Jess.

Jessica said...


Jessica said...

Karen, This is her bedtime routine every night. She uses it whether or not she has breakouts. I don't want to go into detail here about the problems she was having with her skin so I will send you an email with more info on how it worked so well for her!

Frogcreek said...

I will have to see if Glycerine is comedogenic. Good thought!

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

This is so interesting!! Great to know when my kids get to the age. I agree that I would much rather try a natural source first. Thanks for sharing :)

Homeschool said...

I am glad it is working. I am going to make some too.

Anonymous said...

Allie's skin is pretty good lately, but next time she gets some acne, we will give this a try for sure!!

I have never been one to rush to the doctor or use prescriptions unless we absolutely have to. I would much rather use herbs and natural remedies.

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