Friday, November 9, 2012

What I am art journaling page

This week we did a simple journal page that came out looking quite elaborate.

At this point in our journaling, the girls do not need much guidance on how to do a background.  They know their options (collage, gesso, sponge painting, watercolor, etc.)  Today they chose to paint over doilies and to try out some sponge rollers that were given to us by a friend.  
Paint, brushes, painter's tape, natural sponges, roller sponge, hair dryers, alphabet stamps, ink pad, pencil or markers.

I wanted to introduce the concept that this is not an "about me" page.  It is not like our butterfly page where we listed our character traits.  It is what is important in our life at this moment.  This could totally change in 3 months or 6 months.  This is the kind of page that would be interesting to do a few times a year to give a record of how each child is changing and growing.  It would be fun to flip back someday and remember a favorite movie or book from years ago.
This page would not have happened without the help of friends.  The paint and rollers we used were given to me by a good friend.  The alphabet stamps were borrowed by another good friend.  It is almost impossible to have all the supplies you could use for art journaling.  I would love to have alphabet stamps but they are pricey and we would not use them often enough to justify the investment.  I love that this page was truly a collaborative effort!
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Anonymous said...

ooooh! We were thinking about doing an art journaling page today! I love this idea!!

Does painter's tape come off of paper? I never thought to try that. Is there a special kind for paper?

I like the idea of alphabet stamps, too! We have stencils, but alphabet stamps may make a good Christmas item (wink) I am trying to only buy things we will use this Christmas and keep it on the lighter side and make some donations again this year.

Jessica said...

Theresa, This is not the homeowner's paint tape, but tape I bought at at art supply store. It does pull nicely off paper BUT the paper has be very a very heavy weight. It will not work on anything lighter than card stock. I have never tried regular old painter's tape! I like this because it is nice and thin and give a clean writing surface when pulled off. Perhaps you could try cutting the tape in half and testing it on a sample piece of paper first. There is nothing worse than putting in the creativity only to have the paper tear when pulling the tape off (that happened in Grace's old journal).

Let me know how you make out if you try it. I would love to know!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Love the bright colors! It gives me ideas about our new nature journals...Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! :)

aree1997 said...

I saw this idea in a previous post , this background is made by a lace, the first one. I love it.Ooh I guess I am a fan of you :3
I am starting my journal from the start after that accident. Now I have to look at your blog on and on :D


Frogcreek said...

They came out great, and the colors are quite beautiful. You have such a talent for creating wonderful journaling pages!

Jessica said...

I always had great intentions of keeping a nature journal but we never seem to make the time. We keep beautiful composition books for our science studies filled with various lapbook and notebook materials I find here and there. I will keep my eye out for posts about your journals!

Jessica said...

The best things about blogging is how people who have never met in person can inspire one another to create beauty. I look forward to seeing your new journal!

Jessica said...

I can't take full credit for this one. There is an inspiration page on my Pinterest board. All we did was add a beautiful background. I put many new pins on today and need to make time to get to Jerry's to get a new journal. Mine is full!

Karen said...

Another inspiring journal page. You truly inspire me and my girl so much Jess. I love the way these look. Beautiful.

strawberry, fudge, and chocolate said...

Aw, thanks Karen! I have some really great pages that I pinned on my Pinterest page. I stumbled upon one person who just stuck with me. The girls and I are super excited to begin working. I have to get to the art store because my journal is full!

Stephanie said...

This is gorgeous! It makes me want to facilitate an art journaling class. I'm printing this post so I can admire it some more. :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks Stephanie! It is just something I love. I am grateful that my girls enjoy it as much as I do. I am thinking of doing an art journal link up so we can all share and be inspired from one another. I'll post more on that soon!

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