Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas at Rockefeller Plaza

Sometimes I worry that I am not a “fun” Mom.  I want to be.  I want to love board games, Black Friday shopping and New York at Christmas but part of me just does not like these things.  The older I get, the less I want to be around throngs of people.  I much prefer a quiet night at home, with a good book or movie, the dogs cuddled on my lap, and my girls warming themselves by the fire.  However, this makes me a dull Mom.

Yesterday, we caught a 3:00 train, and rather than spending the night watching Little House, we had the chance to relive what I honestly thought would be a one in a lifetime event, Greg’s holiday party at Rockefeller Center in New York.  Last year I told the girls to soak up every detail of that magical night.  That night will live on in my memory as one of my favorite family moments of all time.

Last night we made some new family memories.  One happened as we were walking along 5th Ave. A older gentleman stopped an NYPD officer to ask him where Gimbals is located.  The officer half laughed and told them gentleman that Gimbals closed.  After the man walked away, the officer's partner laughed and added "like 40 years ago!"  Ah...the magic of Elf. My girls laughed and wished that Gimbals were open so they could go visit and even this dull Mama would brave the lines to see Santa there!

I am grateful to Greg’s company for the generosity they showed their employees and their families last night.  They sure know how to throw a party complete with Santa pictures, DJ, game center, catering and yes...the skating!  

Renting out the rink at Rockefeller is such a treat that no matter if it is a sequel or a third installment in a series, there is nothing quite like stepping out onto that empty rink in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities, that like Greg’s company, sure knows how to put on a party.  
Your eyes are drawn upwards to the fountain and the magnificent tree.  The flags blow in the steady breeze that puts a rosy glow on your cheeks, and the lights twinkle from every possible surface.  Saks did the most amazing light display on the entire side of the building that faces 5th Ave.  I wish I had videoed it, but from my vantage point the buses partially blocked the view.

This person had the perfect spot across the street 
to film the show that runs every 7 minutes.

The magic of this display is that as you are skating on the rink, you can look down the corridor of buildings leading out to 5th Ave, and you can watch the skating portion of this light display as you are in fact, skating.  Brilliant!  I marvel at creative minds that put these windows and displays together.

Speaking of windows, Greg’s friend (we call him G) was given the opportunity to design and construct a window for The Today Show.  This guy is great.  He has the world’s most beautiful office, which he gave my girls a tour of a few years ago.  He gave them an art lesson on his chalkboard covered wall.  He took the time to read Lilah’s Lovely Doll Story which was based on her dolls’ (which are only sold at Greg’s store) adventure when they were left behind in New Haven.  It was a treat for us to watch him on The Today Show as his window was unveiled.  Greg popped over and saw it live but again, I am not a “fun” Mom, and so we watched from the comfort of our living room.

I made a promise to Grace that I would take her to a taping of The Today Show so she can see one of her favorite meteorologists, Al Roker at work.  Last night she asked again if I will someday fulfill this promise.  Yes.  Of course I will wake up at 3:00am to take the 4:30 train to arrive at 6:00 which will give us time to grab a coffee and rush to Rockefeller with enough time to get the best spot on the plaza!  That will totally earn me the title of "Fun Mom"! Just wait until it gets a bit warmer.....please?


Frogcreek said...

Oh c'mon! You are a fun mom.. You do awesome things.
Stop it.
It looks like another beautiful Christmas memory was made in a wonderful city. And that is FUN!

Quirky BookandFilmBuff said...

I've seen a lot of the things you do with your kids -- if *you* are not a fun mom, then we're all in trouble. ;-) Magnificent pictures!

Mary Prather said...

Fun! I remember when you did this last year, Jess.

You know, I'm not the "fun mom" either, but I am proud of the fact that I'm dependable and always on the lookout for stimulating things for my kids to do. One day they will appreciate that, right?

:-) Merry Christmas, my friend!

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