Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Music

My home has been filled with music.  Lots and lots of music.  Christmas music streaming in from Pandora, new favorite tunes I have come across here and there, the heavenly sounds of Handel’s Messiah (we attended a performance last Friday night) and of course, piano music.   There have been times when the girls are practicing that I can’t tell if it is live or Pandora.  When that happened for the first time, I caught my breath and stopped, frozen in the moment, admiring the gift that has been bestowed upon my girls.

Lilah performed in her first recital in many years.  About six months ago she decided to return to piano, which she began studying at 4 years old.  She took a long break, when she did not feel committed to working through a new hand position.  But music lives within her and last summer she recommitted with a renewed passion and vigor.  She used this talent to make many people happy a few weeks ago by playing at a local Masonicare Assisted Living Residence.  It was a great experience and no matter how many mistakes were made, the joy that radiated from the resident’s faces drove home the point that the children were sharing a gift with them.
Grace has been using her talent to honor her faith.  She has been working with the Music Director at church and was recently awarded the honor of keeping the treasury of Church sheet music.....which I still need to get safely into two very large binders! 

She is working with the teen choir and has been asked to play during holy day masses of obligation.  Her biggest performance will be Christmas Eve when she plays with the teen choir before mass for a 30 minute Christmas Carol performance and during mass as well.  I will be early to insure I get a front row pew!  
She is also providing live music for this year’s Christmas Pageant.  This is the first year that the piano in the church hall will be used as part of the pageant.  Usually recorded music is used but Grace really wanted to participate in this way and her offer was graciously accepted by the Sister who runs the Religious Ed Program.  She had her first practice yesterday and we both learned that to be responsible for the  music of an entire production is quite a responsibility.  We learned from watching the organist at the Handel performance that a binder should be set up with the words from the pageant and the music placed in accordingly.  This will cut down on flipping through sheet music and missing cues.  This is her project for the week, but one that she will need assistance with.  

I am so glad that my children have persevered with this musical instrument.  I think a trip to the Steinway Gallery to window shop for a bench and hopefully be allowed to play on a demo piano is in order.  This is Grace’s own a Steinway 7’ Grand Piano.   While I can’t make this dream a reality now, I can surely keep it alive!  

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