Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cookie Day, a tradition continues...

When my girls are grown and moving out on their own to explore their own destinies, I wonder what my home will be like when the responsibility of major holidays shifts from my mother, to me.  What will be the staple meals that the girls ask for when they bring a boyfriend home for dinner or when they call and say they are homesick at college and want to come home for the weekend.

Of course this is making major assumptions, a) my girls will stay close to home as they mature and b) they will WANT to come home.  My family never strayed too far from home.  We move as a pack.  I live only 2 miles from my parents, my sister is about 30 minutes and my brother about 45 min away from home base.  This geographical closeness has allowed certain traditions, like Sunday dinner at my parent’s, to continue for years.  While we may not meet up every week, we can count on at least one or two dinners a month.  I don’t have to rely on Facebook or Instagram to watch my nieces and nephews grow, they grow and mature in front of me, where I can appreciate every stage they go through alongside my own girls.  

This Christmas I have come to realize that my girls are no longer the little towheads that would come waddling down the stairs in their footed sleeper pjs dragging a blanket and their favorite stuffed animals eager to see what Santa brought.  Now they leap out of bed, pound the stairs in a rush to see the gifts and open their stockings.   They now help build the fire and stir the hot cocoa.  In true spirit of not only Christmas but of sisterhood, their favorite gifts are usually not those left under the tree, but those that they give each other.  It does my heart proud each and every year.

I look back on the memories my family has made over the years, and there have been many.  So many that they fill countless scrapbooks and photo albums that line my bookshelves.  Our family history.  The good, the bad and the funny.  Every holiday we add new chapter to the story.  This Christmas has been filled with love and laughter.  From the baking to the music to the movies and the books.  We have taken time to slow down and appreciate the love we share.  

Now it is time to celebrate.  The last few moments before the celebration.  The anticipation.  The joyous festivities.  I know that I look on with love and admiration at these young people racing towards adulthood, finding their footing along the way.  I am so proud to share their journey.


  1. Looks all so lovely! I wish in some ways that we had family all close by, but I do love all the travel and new cultures it has brought as well. Christmas this year was the best it's ever been! I, too, am cherishing the growth that has occurred. It is amazing. :>)

    1. The only thing missing for us was my brother, who was working, and his family. We got to see him the week before. Merry Christmas!

  2. This made me sad for some reason. I think as Keilee approaches 13 I realize ever so more, how fleeting it all is. I so enjoyed reading this post Jess. I have loved watching your girls grow up these past few years.

    1. Aw is not fleeting, it is just changing. Grace has changed so much in the past 6 months that there are times I truly forget she is only 12. Keilee is the same. She is growing and maturing into a beautiful young lady. The baby stage may be behind us, but there is soooo much for us to look forward to!

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Great post! I see so many similarities between our girls and it's always lovely to have a glimpse of "things to come". Beautiful words and beautiful pictures of a beautiful day. Merry Christmas! xo


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