Thursday, December 13, 2012

Elder Berry Syrup

I am deeply afraid of the changes that 2013 will bring in our healthcare system.  I am in agreement with most people that health care costs are skyrocketing, hospitals are no longer efficient because they are being used for primary care purposes and the baby boomer generation is aging and along with that being treated for age related illnesses. There are not enough doctors choosing primary care to treat the population and our needs are increasing from preventable diseases such as type II diabetes.  It is a recipe for disaster.

However, I do not support a universal healthcare system that adds huge numbers of people into a system that do not pay into the system they are using.  I find it offensive that the governing body who passed this law without ever reading it in its entirety exempted themselves from it.  To quote Andrew Wilkow, “Socialism is for the people, not the Socialists.”  I truly believed that our Supreme Court would have found this unconstitutional.  Never before have Americans been mandated to purchase a product or face a penalty (or tax).  I was completely disheartened when this “obamanation” of a law was upheld.
I am already impacted by “Obamacare”.  My doctor is dropping United Healthcare as of April 1, 2013.  Greg and I need to find a new primary care doctor asap.  Thankfully we have our Naturopath whom I adore, but I feel the need to have a primary MD as well.  
In response to this alarming societal change, I am learning to care for my family as naturally as possible, and to rely on outside medical intervention only when medically necessary.  If my child has a cold, or a fever, sore throat or earache, I am going to treat her naturally.  Bug bites, skin rashes, itchy eyes all can be cured with a natural remedy.  Appendicitis, Lyme Disease, Strep Throat, for conditions such as these, of course we would seek intervention from our pediatrician or primary care provider.
To date I have taught myself how to make:

  • All natural organic deodorant
  • All natural organic skin care/eczema relief salve made with calendula oil that I infused
  • An acne spray of thyme infused vokda
  • Elderberry Syrup for immune support

Elderberry syrup is quite easy.  I purchased my dried organic berries from Frontier.  First they must be reconstituted with 2 cups of purefied or filtered water.

After soaking for 4 hours, the water must be squeezed out. I used my garlic press to do this.  It took a long time but I did not have cheesecloth to squeeze the juice through.  I combined the pressed juice with the water that the berries were reconstituted in.  

In a sauce pan over med-low heat, I added 1/2 cup honey (I used Trader Joe’s Organic Raw) and I sqeezed half a lemon into the juice.  Heat until the honey melts and the juice just begins to steam.  Cover and remove from heat.

When cool, store in a tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator.  Shake before using.  Check with your doctor before dosing, as this may interact with some medications and medical conditions.  My family will take one tablespoon per day throughout the winter to help ward off cough, colds and flu. 


Anonymous said...

So in tune with your thoughts on health care. Woke up this morning to my best friends daughter having the flu. I was almost brought to tears of the prices she has to spend on lab fees and medicine. I was also so upset about finding our earlier that our doctor had an almost $.150. Credit of ours and was never going to be sent to us. billing said we would not owe anything when we came in again. We only have been in for routine check ups. So mad at all of this. We too have united health care. We pay our own insurance since my husband is self employed. Love the recipe. Thank you for your honest thoughts.

Jessica said...

Thank you for your comment. I have to hold myself back from becoming too political. I have very strong opinions and don't always want to use this blog as a platform for them. However, this issue has given me cause to change the way my family approaches medicine and healthcare. Therefore, I think it is appropriate here.

I will share more as I put together my families holistic sketchbook in 2013!


Anonymous said...

My political views and thoughts on healthcare are different from yours, but I don't think you should hold back your opinions. :-) I respect your opinions, and I definitely see where you're coming from. But I understand why you might want to keep your blog from becoming too political -- you don't want to lose your focus.

This post is very interesting to me. My family is down with the flu this week, and I have never found that over-the-counter remedies do any good. And there is something so lovely and nurturing about caring for your family with remedies you've made in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I would like your advice, if I wanted to try the syrup first. Which brand would you buy? I was the first comment "in tune"

Jessica said...

I can't really recommend products because of the potential interactions and the fact that I am in no way qualified to recommend a product for medicinal purposes. What I can tell you is that most Natural Foods stores have Naturopaths on staff. They are extremely helpful and since they are working for the store, you get their expert advice (and their medical expertise) for no fee. Call your local store and see if this is the case and when they are on staff.

For example, when I had a virus, my Naturopath recommended an anti-viral herbal mix but it had to be custom made (by blending several different herbs) because I cannot take St. John's Wart. Given the ages of the people in your family and any medical issues the have, a professional should always be consulted.

I am sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope this helps you find the information you need.

Jessica said...

The flu is tricky, as is any virus. All you can really do is boost your immune system to give it strength to recover more quickly. I am sorry to hear your family was down and out this week. I hope you are all better in time for a healthy holiday!

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