Sunday, January 13, 2013

Art Journaling: Independent Study??

After a month-long break, it felt wonderful to create art with these special girls.  I did not have a prepared page in mind to work on as a group.  By now the girls know what materials are available and how to use them.  I thought it would interesting to see how they would do working on a page of their own choosing.

We pulled up my Pinterest board titled Art Journaling and browsed pin after pin.  Grace has been eager to work on a music page.  Melissa chose owls.  She picked a page I have been interested in trying -- creating a piece of art on a dictionary page and then adhering the dictionary page to the journal.  Her page will be a series of four owls and possibly her favorite facts about them.  Mine is a peacock.  Lilah worked on a cupcake page using collage and Izzy and Sabrina worked on a witch page I did back in October but they really found interesting.  I love that they picked themes which interest them and sparked their creativity.

Because no one finished their page, I feel that we are at a crossroads.  Do we pick a simple page that can be finished in two hours or do we approach this as an independent study, where we each work on a page individually at our own pace?  I asked them what they thought of this and the group agreed that I should keep the model available in case they are not struck by a bolt of creativity but leave the option to work on something different, or go back and continue a page from a previous session.

Many choices.  Many possibilities.  All good!


Theresa Novak said...

I love that tee with the swirls.

When is your ebook coming out? My girls love art and take outside art classes and for the last couple of years, I thought that was enough. After the emotional last few months, I am feeling like I just need fun and creativity now, so we are making art a priority. I would like to get more into art journaling about my feelings and emotions now and I think the girls would enjoy it as well...however I struggle with what goes first--the art or the journaling. Does the art inspire the journaling or the other way around? Or am I overcomplicating it?

Diane said...

I see someone else had the same questions as myself. I love reading your posts about art journaling and would love to see more. How is the ebook coming? Can't wait to see that also.

Jessica said...

I emailed Theresa back but I don't think she would mind if I share here what I wrote to her!

First I would encourage you not to overthink art journaling. It is like learning to ride a first you are a bit wobbly and you may fall off but the more you do it the steadier you become. You don't have to read books on how to ride a bike and you don't have to compete in a triatholon the day after you learn how.

Art journaling is about finding peace and relaxation with the process of making an entry.

1. start with the art.
Find a simple page you like. I would encourage something with very little art material. Perhaps the squiggly lines and the geometric shapes that is on my Pinterest board. This has been a favorite with every group I worked with.

2. Dedicate time - at least 2 hours when you are not rushed, interrupted or conflicted by household chores.

3. Use good material - new sharpies, quality colored pencils or watercolors. It makes all the difference.

4. Put on your favorite music.

5. Squiggle and draw shapes.

6. Color. Inside the lines or is up to you!

7. Think about what it is you are thinking about. Are you worrying about something. Are you wondering something. Are you remembering a special time.

8. You can add words where ever you like. Perhaps you want to keep a boarder or write the words on the following page. You can write about anything you like or just about what you liked/disliked about this page. This page was hard for me and easy for the children. I had a hard time drawing a squiggly continuous line. It felt too much like scribbling to me. I wrote about how the process of making art is different for children than for adults and how I wished to get to a place where I felt free to experiment and not concerned with the finished product.

9. Remember this is a journal, not a polished piece of writing. Spelling, editing, grammar is not corrected here. Many times these little entries can be "seeds" for stories to come. Then you can work on the craft of writing.

I have set a goal to try to finish the editing of the book this weekend!

Diane said...

Thanks so much for replying. Art journaling for me is sometimes a struggle for two reason 1. not an artist at all (although I know that is not a must for jouranling) and 2. I even have trouble thinking of things to write about on the pages. But I continue on and currently am working with watercolor and collage as well as adding favorite quotes, etc. to the pages. Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration.

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