Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Journaling: Try Something New

Saturday morning in yoga class, my instructor made me think of what our body does in the space of our yoga mat. Over the past three weeks I have challenged it to do what I thought was no longer possible, even without my leg injury. Quite the opposite was true in fact. My body needed this challenge, and it is healing.

Because of yoga class I am breathing better. I do not have asthma or even an acute condition like a cold or bronchitis, but I actually notice my breathing now and it feels better, deeper, more productive. It was something I never noticed before, not even while I studyied karate all those years go. Now, it feels like the slow, moderated, conscious breathing exercises we do works to not only fuel my muscles with oxygen, but also to provide my lungs with a workout! 

My instructor challenged us to compare what we do on our yoga mat to the rest of our life. How can we challenge ourself this week? Listen to a new piece of music? Read a new book? Consider a different point of view? I chose to create. It has been a long time since I found peace in my sketchbook. Most of my pages are pages that I either made as sample pages for my workshop sessions or pages I created with the kids during a session. I have my favorites and those are the pages that took days to create. I love the process of figuring out what to do. I love walking away from my page after finishing a step and reflecting on what I want to do next. It was in church yesterday that I thought to add comics to my newest page. This page was inspired by yoga and therefore bears this title. I had help from one of Lilah’s books, a beginner manga drawing book by Chris Hart. I am not a huge manga enthusiast, but I love the color and the bold lines. I love the quirkiness and the detail. I love watching Lilah draw and thought that it has been years since I drew something so why not give it a try? 

Prismacolor markers, Faber Castell manga markers and 
Spectrum Noir markers. 
Black Sharpie.
Old comics. 
Stamp and ink pad. 
Exacto knife and cutting mat. 
Modge Podge and putty knife. 
My thoughts. 
Cut out letters from a magazine.

I am pleased with her. She is not perfect, but she is a perfect way to embrace what I set out to do. Try something new.


Frogcreek said...

Jess! I am so impressed with your artistic ability. I mean I always knew you were crafty and were an artist, but I never knew what a great skill you hid for drawing. She turned out so wonderfully. The flowers in her hair and the colors that you used have me pining for summer!

Jessica said...

Thanks Kim! I have not practiced in a veeeery long time. I have been putting the computer down and challenging the girls to use their time more creatively too. Lots of art is happening 'round here. The girls have been sewing and I have been drawing.

Andrea said...

Wow, that is really awesome! I love it. It is big, and bold, and vibrant. And I love that yoga is helping you breathe. Post more art, it is really exciting to see "mom" creativity, rather than the planning done to help the kids find their creativity. Inspire by being inspiring!

Jessica said...

Thanks Andrea! I finished another page last night. I will post soon!!!

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