Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art With A Twist

Art With A Twist is a little studio tucked away in downtown New Haven that at first glance you may look right past.  Perhaps the door, located next to a laundromat, decorated in Mondrian style, would give a clue that something truly magical was waiting behind it.  Or perhaps you would drive down Park Street with a million thoughts running through your head and pass the door right by.

Art With A Twist runs workshops that inspire the inner artist.  Most are for adults, where food and BYOB is welcome.  Imagine.....painting with your friends sipping your favorite wine.  To me that is a little slice of heaven.  Sunday was open to families with older children.  Family workshops are alcohol free but the same sense of wonder and inspiration floats in the air.  

Tables fill the space, yet it is not crowded.  Gauze curtains filter the light and french music blocks the sounds of sirens from nearby Yale New Haven Hospital.  While painting, you truly feel as if you are someplace else...sitting in a Parisian cafe perhaps.  My other thoughts of planning for the week, of housework, of errands to be done, all slipped away for two hours.  For two hours it was just the four of us creating a piece of art.

The instructor Bella, a native of Brazil, only allows positive thinking.  Critical judgements are met with a toss of confetti as we are reminded to be kind to our canvas.    Like I always tell my kids in art journaling, there is no right or wrong in art, no judgement or critique, just creativity.  I love her style and her kind, gentle support.

We learned how to hold a paint brush, how to use a brush to achieve a thick or thin line.  
We learned how to draw with paint.
We learned how to express mood through color.
We learned that a painting can be completed using only 4 colors.
We learned to be kind to our inner voice.

This was a special way to spend a Sunday afternoon as a family.  Doing something together for the first time is always a bonding experience.  While this may have been our first visit to Art With A Twist, it most certainly will not be our last.

Art With A Twist
130 Park St. 
New Haven, CT 
06511 Second Floor

*this is not a paid review, just passing along a family friendly activity that we truly enjoyed.


Karen said...

I love how you described this Jess. It was beautiful. I can just picture you all there creating beauty. I love the paintings you all did! Gorgeous.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

I wonder how your Brazilian friend is faring up there in the cold weather. :) I am from Brazil and I don't think I could do it.

But I am glad you got such creative soul around to foster creativity to your whole family. :)

Jessica said...

I despise the cold but it really has not been too bad this winter. Nothing bitter. In fact I don't think we have had daytime temps below freezing yet. I still long for the spring though!

Jessica said...

I want to go back for a mom's night for some painting and wine! Wish you could join me!!!

Mary Prather said...

I love it! And, look at how long your hair is getting. I like it! :-)

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