Monday, January 21, 2013

Downton Abbey, tea and crackers...

16 years of marriage.  Crazy work schedules.  Gone before I awake.  Home when I am dead-tired.  He may watch Monday night football while I sleep on the couch.  Sometimes a good book will keep me awake, but that is rare and even so, it is not a shared activity.  Needless to say, during the week Greg and I seem to be like ships passing in the night.  There has not been much quality time over the years, sad to say.  

I have Downton Abbey to thank for injecting some quality relationship time into our home and into our marriage.  We love it.  I look forward to 8:30 when I hear the train whistle from the comfort of my home, signaling to me that he will be walking through the door in five minutes.  He eats his dinner, visits with the girls and when they are preparing for bed and reading quietly in their rooms, we have our “Downton Time”.  

It may be silly, but this has become a bit of a ritual as we are trying to catch up on two seasons worth of drama.  While I pull up the episode from Ruku (season 1 is available to stream on Netflix and we are watching season 2 via Amazon Instant Video through Roku), Greg makes tea!  Every night we enjoy a cup of tea together.  It is not proper....not according to my Grandmother’s standards.  She drank her tea the true English way, with milk and sugar.  We don’t drink black tea, and we don’t use milk or sugar, we drink our favorite tea, Traditional Medicine’s Nighty Night tea with just a drop or two of honey.

Words cannot truly express how much I have come to love this tea.  I was never a nighttime tea drinker.  In fact, I was never much of a tea drinker.  I have always preferred coffee.  Strong, dark, robust coffee with soy.  Love it.  Now I cannot imagine ending my day without Nighty Night.  

Greg goes to bed late...usually between 11:00 and 11:30 and his alarm wakes him at 4:45am.  As long as I have known him he has never slept soundly.  He tosses and turns and sometimes wakes around 3:00am unable to fall back asleep knowing it will not give his body the rejuvenation it so desperately needs.  He discovered Nighty Night quite by chance.  I was using The Organic Cold Care P.M for a mild cold I was fighting.  He tried it and enjoyed the tea, as well as the cold fighting benefits.  While at our natural food’s store, he picked up Nighty Night and slept soundly, until his alarm woke him.  No tossing.  No turning.  Just beautiful sleep.  Night after night.  I use it.  It works for me as well.  We have never felt so rested.  With our crazy lifestyle, this makes all the difference.

So back to Downton Abbey.......our tea is part of the ritual.  We are silly and goofy.  One night Greg made us toast points with jam to enjoy with our tea.  Last night we had cheese and crackers.  It is divine.  To the horror of our girls, we have taken to calling each other “dear” and “darling”.  It drives them nuts!

The girls are also annoyed that this is not family time.  It is Mom and Dad time.  The horror of it!  I know family time is also precious in our family and the girls cannot understand why we won’t let them watch with us.  My parents raised my sister, brother, and I very conservatively when it came to television and movies.  I tend to follow this in our house.  The girls do not have open access to movies and television shows.  Greg and I feel that the themes of this show are clearly mature (homosexual relationships, sexual relationships outside of marriage, death, war, adultery, blackmail, and complicated inter-personal relationships involving revenge, intentional harm, lies and gossip).  Even with the beautiful period fashions, dramatic scenery, historical accuracy and glimpse into a way of life long gone, we feel this will be best viewed when they are much older.  

We are almost caught up to season three.   We have DVR’d this seasons episodes to view when we have exhausted the past seasons episodes.  That will only be a few days time.  I am not ready to let our “us” time go.  I miss it on the nights he plays basketball or we are out and about with friends until it is too late to begin an episode.  I have come to look forward to our nightly tea, conversation and quality grown up time.   I will be sad when we are caught up and we go back to speaking in our plain old “American” dialect!


  1. Sounds like a lovely evening together. We are all, except one (M), enjoying it immensely here as well! It is so steeped in history that so many great things have spun off from watching it, the conversations that have started after each viewing are deep and rich. Such a cleverly written show.

  2. What a beautiful post, Jess.

    I have literally only a second more of free time before my day revs back up, but I didn't want to miss this opportunity to say thank you, for sharing this precious "you and he" tea time with us. Just lovely :)

  3. Sounds like my husband and me, minus the tea. We will have to add this element. I agree with it not being suitable for the girls. My husband loves Maggie Smiths one liners.


  4. My DH and I watched Little Dorrit a few years back and we too feel some of these series are just not appropriate for young children.

    Your rituals are good and nighty night tea was something I gave my DD10 when she was little and fussed a lot to sleep. it worked. :) I am glad your DH has a restful night of sleep now. It's so important.

  5. I am a Downton Abby fan as well. I like to watch an entire season in 1-2 seatings, so I am not watching right now. I eagerly await the end of the season when it all comes out together, and I will sit, by myself, and watch the whole thing. I love that you are finding time to connect with your husband with this show. Very sweet.

  6. I am sitting at the train station waiting to board and had to comment. I love this Jess. I can imagine you and Greg and this lovely nightly ritual bi am going to check into the tea. I don't sleep through the night at times. Maybe you and Greg can find another nightly show to watch. There are some good ones on Netflix.

  7. Since reading this post, my husband and I are officially hooked on this tea. I am also introducing two girlfriends to it and mentioned it to a few other people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    1. Your comment made me so happy! Isn't it the best?! I was never a big fan of tea before....I drank a cup now and then with my friends but it was never a ritual like coffee is for me. I am glad that it is helping you in the same way it is for me. I have never been more rested.


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