Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gratitude #2

Sometimes I worry that children who homeschool have to wait to see their friends.  They don’t have 5 min to chat in homeroom or while they are rushing to lockers to switch out books.  They don’t have gym class together or eat in the cafeteria.  They don’t ride a school bus or walk to and from school.  I worry sometimes if they feel lonely or if they need the frenetic energy that comes from being inside a school building with hundreds of children.  But then I read that the Middle School my daughter would be attending was in lockdown this month because 4 ignorant people were in the field behind the school with air soft guns. They were taken into custody.   As we all know, lockdowns are a necessary drill, right alongside fire drills, but I will never ever forget the stress and anxiety the practices created for my children when they were in school.  I cannot even imagine what the real deal would do to their well-being.  I am grateful we homeschool.

I worry that my children had a cataclysmic falling out with their best friends and right now feel like they are searching a bit to belong.  Not so much Lilah, my child who had no true friends in school, but is now is blessed with many.  But my oldest baby...  I worry.  Her friends are older and very busy, as is she.  It is hard to see them as often as she would like.  I know the feeling, I miss visiting with their Moms too!  I am grateful that we call and email to keep in touch so that not a week goes by where we do not see our friends, either through art journaling, writer's workshop, dress design, skating, family dinners, or simply just play time.  I am so grateful that she has a very dear friend and neighbor who knocks on our door as soon as her homework is done.  They have been friends for years and they are growing into beautiful young ladies.  When she is feeling lonely, company is just a phone call and a 30 second walk away.  I am grateful we live in a neighborhood.

Being silly with friends!

 Teaching Minecraft to a friend.

Winter knitting with friends.

Working on the LCC blog with friends.

Baking with friends.

Discovering a new talent with friends.

There are times when I want to move away from this neighborhood to a place with more land, dark skies and quiet sounds of nature.  When the need to connect with the outdoors gets to us, we have plenty of choices.  We take the time to drive to the Northwest Hills, to a quiet farm with two bridges where the chickens greet you and a friendly welcoming smile receives you.  This is good for the soul.  I am grateful my friends open their home and their farm to us. 

Lilah took this picture. She is developing her photography skills.
Friends shared their new bunnies with us for the day!


Frogcreek said...

Lovely pictures of lovely girls. I know that path before them now is different then the one they were on, but there is such beauty there too. Shine on!

Jessica said...

You are is a great path. We have accomplished so many great things. New talents are being discovered and new interests pursued. This is our best homeschooling year yet despite the changes we have made!

Susan Getty said...

I love the photos in this post, Jess...especially the last one with the bunny! :) Wonderful things to be grateful for! We have *just* discovered Minecraft here this week. It's a hit!

Jessica said...

If your girls are anything like mine (which they are!) you are in for lots of creeper, bedrock, diamond and craft table talk! Right now I am using Minecraft to my advantage by challenging them to create a medieval world where the buildings are replicas of castles!

Shel said...

Such a beautiful post, Jess! The words and pictures just totally hit home for me. I am so grateful for this amazing life too. To live where we live (even if it's not my ideal place), to be a homeschool family (the last few weeks I feel like we've really found our groove and what's working for us) and for all the blessings that come with living this amazing lifestyle. xoxo

Susan Getty said...

Sounds fun :)

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