Thursday, January 3, 2013


There was a Keurig under the tree at my parent’s house for Greg and I.  In reality, this was not a gift for us, but for Grace who loves all things electronic.  This was the "gift of the day" in her opinion.  I think the only thing that would have topped it would be if she was gifted a Dyson!

For a week we have consumed coffee.  We have tried medium roast, dark roast, half decaf, hot cocoa, tea.  I had to break the news to her that after the holidays we would not be buying KCups which are usually not organic and are not recyclable.  We would be using the little reusable cup that can be packed with our own favorite blend from Trader Joe’s......

Jittery does not even explain how I feel.  Way way to much caffeine consumption!  Serious detox is needed.  I know to do this slowly and carefully after landing myself at the doctor’s office trying to go cold turkey a few years ago.  

One thing that will help me is massive hydration.  Simple water.  Why is water not so simple?  After a large mug of coffee, I don’t want water.  I rarely drink anything else all morning.    Filtering water is simple.  It does not take much time.  So why is it so hard to remember?  I think I discovered this post @ Mama Scout to remind me to take better care of myself so that I can take better care of my family.

I have to get us in the habit of drinking water.  Beginning now.  

Use fun glasses.  My girls won’t remember to refill an 8 oz glass over and over so I give them one big jar and they can work on it at their own pace.

You are never too old to sip from a straw.  I found great stainless steel straws on sale for $3.00 each at WestElm.

Hair bands make great glass identification tools!

Flavor your water. My favorite is plain lemon, but today I added orange and fresh parsley (that I picked from my counter top parsley plant that I have been able to keep alive in January thanks to these planters also from WestElm). 

Use the peels as air freshener!

* This post is not an paid endorsement of any product, but rather a personal reflection of products I have in my home and happen to love!


Anonymous said...

Does Grace drink coffee? My girls drink herbal tea, but I am not sure when to allow them to try coffee. I never really thought about it. We have pretty much never let them have caffeine (although I am sure they have had some soda at some party somewhere that had it).

I have been slacking off and eating crap lately and it wasn't bothering me--either the bulimia or just making me feel like crap...until today. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating, it's gross--but that is what happens when I eat too much processed foods. We went to yoga this morning--which felt soooo good! jason is not technically supposed to do yoga until Saturday, but he convinced me that 2 days wouldn't hurt and we are trying to spend every second together until he goes back to work. I am going to fill a jug of water now and make a point to drink it today--thanks for the reminder!

Jessica said...

I totally should have clarified.....the girls do not drink coffee. Grace LOVES making me coffee. She loves filling the machine with water and selecting the proper mug size. She has tried coffee - lattes only but they are a treat. I could probably count on one hand the number she has had. They don't drink soda except on special occasions either. Thankfully they are just not interested.

The food caught up with us too. Lilah broke out, Grace was getting stomach aches. I don't really have many symptoms, but I don't have the energy level I would like. The water just makes sense and for some reason we just don't drink enough of it. Yesterday we all finished our jars!

I am super excited for my first yoga class. I took a class while pregnant with Grace and have done some on my own but never really committed to it. This class is being held at my Naturopath's office and she says the instructor is great. I will let you know how it goes!

Susan said...

I have always found it easy to drink lots of water...we grew up drinking only water or milk at home. We do the same now in our house, for the most part. I think one can always stand to drink more water, though :)
I have recently stopped drinking caffeinated drinks was rough at first, but now it's better.
Jenna drinks decaf with me from time to time, and the girls drink decaf caffeine for them!

Amy (Mama Scout) said...

Good for you and your girls! My kids are all very interested in what jam doing and playing along too. We only drink wage but still they do not get as much as they could. I love the hair band idea! I am going to copy that!

Team Walker said...

Thanks for the reminder. More Water is on my task list for 2013. Glad to see others are in the same boat. Other than coffee, beer and wine, water just wasn't on my list. But its number one priority for 2013. Then its still coffee, wine and beer. I just can't give up my ol friends yet.

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