Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lucky Dog!

Watching my child do something that she is truly and totally passionate about brings me such joy.  Lilah can bake for hours and hours.  This weekend she and her friends met for 7 hours to work on LCC, and even that was not enough time!  She has so many plans and even though she makes the most of every single moment, it just is not enough to do all that she wants!  

This meeting was for the dogs.  They thought it would be a great idea to bake treats for the local dog shelter.  I don’t really believe in luck anymore.  Too many things happen that luck just can’t explain.  I guess serendipity would be a better word to explain how on this very day there happened to be a dog adoption event sponsored by the shelter volunteers.  I did not know about this in advance.  In fact, I was concerned the shelter would be closed before the girls had a chance to make their delivery.   Quite the opposite was true.  The shelter was busy and the volunteers and Animal Control Officer welcome the girls in.

Lilah seems to be the group’s spokesperson.  She explained their mission and that this time they wanted to give back to the shelter by treating the dogs who are looking for new forever homes.  They explained the ingredients, and that they were taste tested on our own animals, who gave them a paws-up!  

The girls have now been to several locations around town.  Each has welcomed them and been grateful for their spirit of volunteerism and charity.  This was our longest visit.  The volunteers had so many questions for the girls about what they do, why they do it, how they do it, etc.  They took their blog information.  They took their picture for the shelter’s Facebook site.  

We visited the animals in the shelter.  This shelter is brand new.  Our previous one was old, and inadequate to meet the needs of our city’s homeless pets.  This facility is gorgeous.  It is clean, spacious and the dogs looked really good.  We kind of fell in love with one....but we know she is not the right dog for our home.  Not with an elderly lady on serious medication and little patience.  Not with a high strung dog who is very protective of her elderly best friend.  Not now.  

The best part of the visit was watching the dogs enjoy their treats.  It was very thoughtful that the staff gave the treats to the dogs while the girls where there rather than waiting until we left.  

The shelter visit kicked off the LCC meeting.  There was also blog updating, cupcake baking (for family this time), pizza making and movie watching.  Because Lilah loves this so very much, I am going to make time for her to do this more often, on her own, in addition to when she meets with her friends.....

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Karen said...

I love seeing what Lilah and the LLC girls are up to Jess. Keilee would so love to be a part of something like this. Isn't it wonderful how our girls can speak up to adults and be so comfortable. I truly think that is another plus of homeschooling. They are able to interact with people of all ages so often. Great job Lilah girl!!! :)

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