Friday, January 4, 2013

Tchaikovsky Symphony #4

When our family attended the jazz concert at Fairfield University last month it inspired me to expose my children to more live music in the same way I did with theater last year.  

It just so happens (as these things usually do) that when Greg was filing our old bills, receipts and tossing junk mail, he came across a program from Yale University’s School of Music.  In it are hundreds of performances in various music genres, from opera, to symphony, to glee clubs.  Some are at a fee, but many are completely free!

I now have a concert date on the calendar from January through April.  

We will begin with Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Number Four.  This is a daunting task and I have no musical background to draw on.  This is where the beauty of the internet, and the philosophy of Charlotte Mason comes in. has a fantastic site which gives an educational guide for this very piece.

Making Music Fun has a page related to Tchaikovsky along with sheet music for this piece of music.  

The biographical information will be added to our Book of Centuries.

iTunes has the complete symphony by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra led by Daniel Barenboim available to purchase for $9.99.

I added this to our classical collection.   I play it on my phone throughout the day.  The more we familiarize ourselves with the music, the more we will enjoy the performance!

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Mary Prather said...

Jess -- I'm jealous! What a great experience for you all! Tchaikovsky was a very interesting character -- I'll leave you and the girls to find out about that. There is a great CD - I bet .mp3 download now - Tchaikovsky Discovers America, that is very good. So many people think Tchaikovsky is just the Nutcracker, but he was quite prolific. He is one of my FAVORITES! Don't forget I have an Ultimate Guide to Composer Study on my blog -- lots of great resources on there! have FUN!!!

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