Thursday, January 31, 2013

What We Are Listening To

Last summer at a library book sale I grabbed an audiobook version of Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman.  I thought perhaps it would be a good fit for use with our Story of the World History study.

This book is a gem!  I knew it was historical fiction but it is actually a living book of this period in history.  The main character, “Birdy”, is an outspoken, clever, cunning, and smart thirteen year old girl.  She feels repressed by her status of a knight’s daughter, destined to marry and spend her days as a lady of a manor, when she would rather be following the Jews as they emigrate from England during the Diaspora or join her uncle on crusade, her brother in a monastery or her best friend in the goat yard.  

Through her diary we are given a glimpse into what her life was like in the 1200’s.  We know what feasts were celebrated, what was eaten, what daily chores were, how the feudal system operated, how sickness was treated and how hard it was to survive.  

I recommend it as an accompaniment to Story of the World, Vol II, The Middle Ages.


  1. Piper just finished reading "The Ballad of Lucy Whipple" by Karen Cushman, which is about the Gold Rush and a great accompaniment to Story of the World Volume 3.

    1. We are trying to plan a trip west for early summer. I will bookmark this so I can get the book and we can listen before we go! Thank you for the recommendation!!


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