Monday, February 25, 2013

A Very Late Weekly Wrap up: Week of February 22, 2013

Better late than never...

In Our Home This Week:   This has been a challenging week.  Very little went according to plan due to Greg being home with the flu.  Thankfully he kept his germs to himself and the girls and I (knock on wood) are fine.  However piano, electronics and a get together with friends we have not seen in some time were all cancelled.  This was also school vacation week which meant basketball practice and games were cancelled.  

You would think with all this extra time on our hands we would have accomplished great things, but we did not.  It was a struggle to get through the ordinary routine of daily life.  I think sickness ran smack into winter blues this week.  I almost cried when I discovered we are going to lose some of my favorite plants from the weight of the snow.  My lilac bush is snapped in half and my holly bush may be past saving......

In Our Homeschool This Week:  Lilah finished Life of Fred Edgewood and begins the next book Monday.  Grace finished chapter 3 and is moving into chapter 4.  This is review for her to make sure each mathematical concept is solidified in her brain before moving to higher level math.  Since we do math year round, I have no worries about taking this time and feel confident she will be at pre-algebra for 8th grade.  I let her take the pre-test then she is allowed to skip the pages I feel she has mastery of and she will do pages that I feel are beneficial due to their complexity (like the word problems that require multiple steps to complete).  

We learned about Marco Polo in Story of the World.  I don’t think the pool game will ever be the same again!  Now when they are swimming I hope they are thinking about the Silk Road, his writings and how when he traveled home his own family did not recognize him and cast him out until he proved himself with offerings of jewels and treasures.  

Grace completed her Keynote Presentation on the Blizzard of 2013 and began a new one on tornadoes.  She finished reading chapter 1 of Aquatic Creatures as well.  Lilah skipped ahead to chapter 7 on sharks and made her own lapbook of what the chapter covered.

Grace published a new story to the Notebook Girlz blog and Lilah is close to finishing the story she is working on, about a girl who hates preparing for a piano competition.  We are incorporating the keeping of a writer’s notebook into our workshop.  This week we began by making an alphabetical list of things we can write about when our creativity is blocked.  These pages will take time to finish since the girls are adding doodles and sketches to each letter.  

Where We Are Going and Who We Are Seeing:  We were able to take a trip up to Massachusetts to visit with my Aunt and my cousins.  I am the oldest of 8 cousins on my mother’s side.  Many of my cousins are just beginning their families, or still growing their families.  I am in awe of my cousin and his wife who had us over where we played with five children under the age of 6 for hours.  She cooked us homemade chicken nuggets, homemade french fries and fresh fruit for lunch and never once complained of physical discomfort.  She had her baby, a girl, this morning, 18 hours after we left.  Amazing.  I could never ever have done that with either of my pregnancies.  This visit was the highlight of my week.  


Upper left to lower left:
1) Grace tried a new activity Parkour but decided it was not for her.
2) Grace working away on math.
3) I organized my art cabinet thanks to stacking containers from Target.  This has been on my to-do list for quite some time.
4) Notebook Girlz is up and running!  
5) Lilah spent hours making her own lapbook on sharks.
6) These are just a hand full of trees that are were lost during Sandy.  The sheer amount of trees that are gone is astounding. That picture used to be a forest.

What We Are Reading:  
I just finished First Darling of the Morning and am reading Sparkly Green Earrings.
Lilah just began Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.


Theresa Novak said...

Glad to hear Greg is feeling better.

It sounds like a pretty productive week. So, with science, are you having them just read and take notes or create a lapbook on their own? Are you covering the material together or are they completely independent at this point?

Allie loved the Traveling Pants series!

Jessica said...

We do science a bit haphazardly. For Apologia they read the chapter on their own. I purchased the notebook to accompany the book. They ususally work on that together and this is when we talk about what they learned. Lilah loves to freestyle and randomly pick something to focus on. This week it was sharks. I let her skip ahead to that chapter. You don't really need to read them in order.....

They are also getting science through their study of electronics. This week they have to begin a book on physics and they are learning to keep a lab book. I assign the work but my friend is guiding them through this. So far they have learned about gears, gear ratios, and some simple machines. Now they are getting more into the mechanics of physics through the project they are building.

I hope this helps.

Lilah is almost done with the first book. She is flying through it, just as I thought she would!

Karen said...

It is so strange how weeks with fewest 'outside' things sometimes doesn't produce the 'time' you think it will. I am so sorry about your plants. I hope they did survive. I LOVE Lilac bushes so much. You know I see your comment about 'doing Science haphazardly'. We used to be like that with Science but now we are like that with History. Ebbs and flows...I always love reading about your weeks, now if we could just sit and share coffee and do it in person each week it would be perfect. :) Off to read Grace's new story. :)

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