Friday, February 1, 2013

Art Journal: For the love of drawing

I challenged myself to go back to my 5:30 am wake up.  It is not easy.  I could not, would not, do it if Greg was not there to pull the covers back, turn on the light, and rouse me from my slumber!  Once I am up and the coffee is brewing, I am grateful for the quiet time.  It is my writing/blogging time.  My alone time with my computer, my coffee and my dogs.

I have issued a self-challenge to break my computer/iPhone addiction.  I spend too much time throughout the day checking Instagram, emails, and blog updates when I should be living my life. This is something I have struggled with before.  There are times when I am just over all screen time, including television.  I love my Downton Abbey but we watch back seasons on Netflix and we dvr the current episodes, or stream them through PBS.  Right now, I am not even sure why we are paying for cable.  We could watch everything on the computer and eliminate a huge monthly fee as well as free up an entire corner of our living room which is currently dedicated to a large flat screen television. 

Our home is more peaceful when the television is off.  Every night this week we have been in our studio creating.  When Greg walks through the door he is greeted by children sewing, drawing, making valentines or reading.  If I expect the children to cut back on screen time then so too must I!

I need something to occupy my hands.  They have to be holding a book, or a knitting needle or a pen, etc.  Otherwise, I find myself seeing what new pins are in Pinterest or what the Twitter feed is up to.  Each of these has a purpose, but not for mindless passing of time.  

I am almost finished with Wonder.  I have completed two art journal pages.  I have helped Grace work on her pajama pants.  We have explored possible projects to fund on Kickstart.  We have had friends over for dinner.  We have cleaned bedrooms.  We have walked our dogs.  We are moving in the right direction.

I have rediscovered my love of drawing.  I love working in my art journal on pages that come from my imagination, not from a pin on Pinterest.  My goal for a long time has been to have a journal with a theme.  Each page a different picture of the same concept.  All manga.  All yoga inspired drawing.  All matryoska nesting dolls.  Same medium.  Now I am enjoying marker and collage and stamping.  Lilah has beautiful Prismacolor markers that she generously shares with me.  It is like painting with a marker.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant.  

Before falling asleep last night I laid in bed wondering what my next page would be.  That is so much better than wondering how many new pins were added or who has updated their Twitter feed!

art journal
Prismacolor, Spectrum Noir, Sharpie markers
Stamp and ink pad
magazine, scissors, Modge Podge and knife


Anonymous said...

First of all, you are a super talented artist! Your drawings are amazing and inspirational!
With your inspiration and advice on just writing about what we feel on the page, we have been really enjoying art journaling!

Last night, I did one very simply page of a quote that I liked mostly for my blog post today, but it made me think of doing a whole art journal of just my favorite quotes. I love quotes!

Lastly, I have been struggling with getting an iphone. I want one, but I know I would be on it all the time at co-op, and when the kids are in choir or art class or whatever...and instead I enjoy that time with a book or a friend. Jason said he was going to get me an iphone for Valentine's Day because he knows I like Instagram (I use my ipad or the girls' ipods) and figures I will check prices when I am shopping, be able to look stuff up when we are out to eat or check my blog at co-op. But after reading this post, I am going to tell him to save the money. I am fine with things the way they are and I want to spend that time 'in the moment" whether it be shopping, being with a friend...whatever!

Shel said...

Just gorgeous, Jess! You are truly a gifted artist! Maybe there's an etsy shop in your future?! :)

Anonymous said...

On one hand I should be off all these mobile devices. I do not have an iPhone or want one. iPad and instragram provides me a connection to the world and to our girl off to college and now doing her internship. I love keeping connected in this way. I did start no tv for my girls during the week. I did start crocheting too.


Rosemarie said...

Your journals are simply amazing!!

And I totally agree with the screen time thing. I try to pick one moment each day to work on my blog and read others. The time varies depending on our day. I wish I was motivate dot get up so early. I have been getting up earlier to spend a few moments reading a devotional before I have to get moving for the day and that seems to be helping my days. Soon I won't have too much time to sleep though so I am taking it easy.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, those pages are absolutely stunning!

Andrea said...

Love the new art! She looks peaceful, breathing deeply. I think part of me enjoys the "girly-ness" of it, being from such a boy-home, rhinestones and pink are something we don't do. Again, the boldness and the vibrant colors are awesome.

I have an iPhone, and I love it. VT is not known for great coverage, so perhaps my time on it is limited by external forces.

Be well.

Karen said...

I envy your need to 'always have something in your hand'. I am not like that. Keilee IS like that. She has never, since she was a small toddler, just watched TV without doing something else. Play mostly when she was younger, and knit now.

Your pages are breathtaking. I seriously love them.

Jessica said...

I am so glad to hear that your are feeling free with your art and your writing. There are so many "rules" when it comes to writing, but they really have no place in an art journal! I love that quotes are providing your with inspiration. My goal is to do a book with a theme. I would really like to do something child-like as a gift for my nephew. You can use an old board book and repurpose it into an art journal. I have never tried it before.....

Jessica said...

I don't know if people would be willing to pay for my art! It is just something I enjoy. It is helping me move away from the computer/iPhone and I enjoy the time I spend connecting with my own thoughts, especially after spending the day connecting with all the thoughts of my girls!

Jessica said...

Sleep while you can! If I were about to give birth there would be no way I would get up on these cold morning either! My blog time is usually 5:30 to 7:00. I find the quiet and the snuggle time with my dogs inspirational. As spring begins to bloom and the warmer weather arrives, I usually switch my time to night.

Thinking of you. Grace reads your blog and she is excited for you to have the baby!

Jessica said...

Thank you!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Andrea! I am searching for my next inspiration. It comes from so many different directions these days. I think that is because I have opened myself up to it. Usually I am inspired to write. Being inspired to create is new and I love the feeling!

Jessica said...

Oh depends on the time of day! I can sit still for hours and read a book or even take a nap. But when the girls are working independently and I don't want to do "housework" I need to keep my hands busy. This is why I took up knitting but I know I am never going to be a great knitter. I don't have the burning desire even though I adore the finished product. I do love drawing and I can draw and still be available to the girls when they need me.

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