Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art Journaling: Immersed in Verse

If you read my last post, you will know I was inspired by the group of children that meet each Friday at my home to write together.  From a collaborative poem, I took one line I felt would be a good prompt, “I hate when something good comes to an end.” 

This stream of consciousness exercise resulted in these words:

"I hate when something good ends.  Isn’t that why we hold onto something with a vice-like grip scared that the moment we relax, enjoy, exhale, that precious something will slip through our fingertips never to be found again.

Things are not always meant to last. Objects break.  Feelings fade.  People pass.  We’ve become collectors of these things.  Filling our homes with objects that represent moments and people we have come to know does not bring us any closer to that person or that memory.  It just fills our life with clutter, emotional clutter we must look at on a daily basis while it gathers dust and demands our attention.

What if we filled our hearts with these memories and flood them with emotions instead?  What if we let go of the dust collectors lining our shelves showing their chips and cracks and dusted off our hearts and learned to live instead?

What would we feel?  Would we run to record that moment in another lasting way?  Arn’t Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot today’s version of cups, saucers, vases, and silver sets that are handed down through the generations?  Does our need to record and document first steps, first words, first dates, first marriages, first jobs mean that we are but experiencing that moment through the lens of a camera, rather than through the non-digitized lens of our human eye?

How do we connect in that moment with those we love so that we can appreciate and participate in the moment thereby creating lasting memories that will live on in our hearts without the need for a souvenir to place on a shelf or a camera with a Facebook upload button?

If we could do that, find a way to live our lives fully present in the moment rather than with one foot in the past, we may not feel so sad when the moment ends.  We can relax our grip, breathe a bit deeper, and understand that the only true mementos we need are the lines that etch our face from all the smiles we have smiled and the laughs we have laughed."
written February 1, 2013

Which became the inspiration for this art journal entry: 

Crayola watercolors for background
Prismacolor and Spectrum Noir markers
Sharpie markers of varying thickness

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Anonymous said...

That is so gorgeous! Your art journaling posts are incredibly inspiring ... and a little intimidating ... to me. :-)

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