Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard of 2013: Part 1

Part 1 was fun.  Part 1 had Greg working from home Friday just in case the trains stopped service while he was in New York. Scrambling to catch trains in bad weather is seriously no fun.  

We did math, history and meteorology before the snow began to fall in earnest.  

The girls played with Jake outside and Greg cooked beef stew in the slow cooker.  

We were expecting around 15 inches.  To prepare we Greg and Grace moved the garbage cans into the garage, cleaned up the yard, readied the snow blower, stacked the wood in the garage to keep it dry, and moved the cars into the front of the house and into our neighbor's driveway.  We have had blizzards before, the last one in 2010, which dropped about 11 inches of snow.  We figured this would be much the same.  By the time we went to bed though, we were not so sure...


  1. Holy Cow! Is that Greg in the last photo??

    What does Grace think of this??

    1. That is Greg! We have so much snow Theresa. I was 7 in the blizzard of '78 so I only remember it from a kid's perspective. We lived in MA and I just remember my sister being up to her armpits in snow. This is my kids's blizzard that they will look back on and remember fondly. They have had so much fun.

      I am completely worn out. I estimated about 10 hours of work so far has gone into snow removal. The side of our house was plowed by a good samaritan this morning but the rest of our block has not been plowed. The trains are not running out of our town yet and schools have been cancelled until Wednesday. I am a bit concerned about the rain scheduled for tomorrow since all the drains are blocked and the water will have nowhere to go.......

      But I am thankful that it has given Greg and I so much quality time together as we worked though this side by side.

    2. Oh and I have not seen Grace. She is either building her snow fort or down at the park with her friends. She is in her glory! She loves it. Both girls do!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I took too many over the past three days so I am breaking up this into at least two parts. I will have more pictures tomorrow.....

  3. I cannot believe how much snow you all have gotten. Apparently, where we used to live(and our house still is) is the record breaking town of all time. 42 inches.

    My boys are so upset that we are no longer there. We are all the way up North(only 15 min from Canada) and only got 10 inches of snow at the most. My in-laws are snowed in in Stratford, they were suppose to be here in case the baby came. Oh well, such is life I suppose.

    Hope things go OK with the rain tomorrow.

    1. They may still get out! I was able to get Greg to the train station today. We were plowed out last night and hopefully the rest of Stratford will be soon too! Driving through town is very dangerous as there is no way to see over or around the snow piles on each corner. I will keep my fingers crossed that they make their way safely to you!

      Be well!


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