Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apple Valley Trail Ride

Our last activity in Tennessee was horseback riding.  We returned to the place where we first went years and years ago.  The stable sits at the foothills to the Smokey Mountains.    The trails run through a valley which is blanketed with wildflowers in the summer.  Horseback riding in early spring is lovely.  You don’t have to worry about horseflies the size of small birds, or ticks in the branches you brush up against.  You can see far up the hills and watch the red tail hawks circling.  The water is crystal clear and cold when it splashes against your legs.

This was by far my favorite trail ride ever.  Last time we visited this location the girls were about 5 and 7 so our ride was shorter and we did not trot.  I think trotting was a first for Greg!  We easily could have ridden for another hour.  Maybe next time we visit we will explore that possibility.  


  1. I've been looking back on your vacation- what a great trip! Love all of your photos:) I remember visiting Knoxville and Chattanooga with my family when I was a kid (we even went to Rock City at one point too:) Fun family memories....glad you had a good time and enjoyed a different pace for a few days.

  2. What gorgeous pictures! Unfortunately my face swells up whenever I've been on a horse. And I've loved the little bit of riding I've been able to do, too :( It was so much fun reading your posts about your trip. Reading about other family's travels is one of my most favorite things to do!!!

  3. What a wonderful vacation you all had and isn't it so nice to be able to just go whenever you want.


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