Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back In Knoxville : Roadschooling Day 1

When Greg asked if we want to take a trip to TN, it took just a few days to pull everything together.  Spontaneous travel is one of the biggest perks of being a homeschooling family.  You are not beholden to a schedule that is not of your own making.  

We have never traveled to TN in the late winter/early spring.  Usually our trips are full of back road driving, farm visiting, horseback riding, and lake swimming.  There is nothing I love more than discovering a farm stand on a back country road.  This trip has been full of discovery, but of the city life that Tennessee has to offer.

On our way to Greg’s parents, we stopped in Knoxville to dine at one of our favorite restaurants, The French Market Creperie.  Saturday night in Knoxville was a buzz with activity.  Mary Poppins was playing next door at the Tennessee Theater.  After our dinner and dessert of a savory crepe followed by a sweet crepe, we inquired at the box office if tickets were available for the Sunday shows.  

Knoxville is a jewel of the south.  We are by no means experts on the city, but every time we visit, I fall just a little more in love.  

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