Friday, March 8, 2013

LCC: Marshmallow Fondant

A project becomes stagnant if there is not growth and discovery.  LCC took a meeting off from delivering cupcakes and focused on skill building.  Lilah has wanted to make fondant from marshmallow for months.  She found a recipe on Pinterest, gathered the supplies (marshmallow, powdered sugar, natural food coloring, rolling pin, cookie cutters) and experimented with her friends.

Making fondant is messy, sticky fun!  

At the end of the day the girls were so pleased with their final product. Lilah told me “I feel one step closer to being like Cake Boss!”  

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  1. I will definitely show this to Keilee. She has been in a baking mood lately. VERY COOL! I love the way it looks on the cupcakes.


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